Grounded by Constance Sharper

Grounded (The Airborne Saga)Grounded by Constance Sharper
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Kudos to Constance Sharper for creating a sequel that lives up to it's amazing predecessor! When it comes to sequels it's either a make or break depending on how strong the story was in the first book and if it's worth sticking with the series. The Airborne series lives up to the hype with it's amazing world building and characters.

A few months have passed since the events of Airborne, with Avery and Mason dealing with their unresolved feelings between them and those who want the powerful Willow magic still on the lookout. Many issues that were left in the air (sort of speak) are tied up nicely in Grounded, mostly the relationship between Avery and Mason. This was a a give or take for the story as the world building was left at a stand still while the author focus on the characters and their lives. I would have liked a little more on the harpie story that Sharper has created to be more reveled, but in the end I was happy to see things resolved between Mason and Avery.

Like Avery, we all wonder about the messages Mason was sending out, if he really chooses Avery or still have left over feelings for his ex-fiancee. There is some strain between the two when the villain Mikhail turns up again and is after Avery and Mason, that leaves the two to turn back to the harpies that kicked them out of the harpie society and Mason’s old flame, plus a new harpie who has his eye on Avery.

Avery has grown a lot stronger in herself, she’s always been mature in her decisions, but she’s still a teen and has a lot of new and old emotions to deal with. I really liked how the author portray the changes in all the characters, and not everyone is in shades of black or white, even the ones that give Avery heartache like Mason’s old flame.
Mason made a few omissions, when reveled, it made a lot of sense, Mason loved Avery for herself, and he wanted and needed her to be her, and not become the unfeeling version of a human harpy.

The action takes off and the story zooms by very quickly, that I was very bummed by the time I was at the end of the story. There’s a few twists in the story that involves Avery’s BF, that adds to the side characters and makes them more whole then just cardboard cut-outs. There’s a great climax that ties up some old loose ends, but creates a few new ones that leaves it open to Windswept.

Constance Sharper the new bright shining author I’m on the look-out for. I adore her Airborne series and having two amazing books to re-read, I think can tide me over till the next of the series!

Airborne Saga
Airborne #1
Windswept #3 (out in 2012)

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