Star Crossed Seduction by Jenny Brown

Star Crossed SeductionStar Crossed Seduction by Jenny Brown
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Jenny Brown has a beautiful way of writing not overly complex stories but with two deeply layered characters that the story centers around. With Trev and Temperance still waters run very deep as both show their Scorpio natures, being two sides of the same coin and dancing a deadly dance of trust and love, they have to balance their natures and trust in each other.

Brown steps somewhat away from the traditional regency that was so present in her debut book. SCS shows a more sensual side early on between the two leads, this sets up a confrontation that travels between the two- a love game. The secret between the two really lead to a few misunderstandings that are cleared up but strain the trust between the two. Being so similar to each other, makes them understand each other very well, this lead of course to disagreements
but I found how they trust their gut about the other to lead them to the truth. Most if not all the time, you have an outside force that clears the air, when trouble starts to brew Trev and Temperance listen to their gut and heart. Even when doubt is lingers, they give the other the benefit of the doubt until everything plays out.

At first I didn’t care for the brash Temperance, she acted to much like a native child, when the blinders are removed, a love she carried proved false, another side of Temperance is shown, a young woman whose been hurt deeply and instead of getting hurt again or over and over again playing the victim, she’ll strike out first to prevent this. When Trev enters her life, she feels bare, someone able to see into her very soul, this scares her but also draws her to him.

Trev on the other hand has more practice in hiding his passion then Temperance does, a practice that spans through his whole life from being a child. Temperance brings out all the sides he’s being hiding which he doesn’t know if it’s a game or just her.

The road they travel isn’t easy because their so alike, but it’s very pleasing to see the growth of trust and love both needed and craved in their life finding in one another. The love aspect of the story was a tad dubious in my eyes, as they fell in love with one another very quickly, instead of being drawn out then with later parts of the story puts doubts in both their minds. In some parts I felt it wasn’t love, but a craving of love and need that both wanted in their lives both fit into. From this it’s most likely a truer love grew from this along with a deeper trust.

Their’s also a few clever twists in the story and of course astronomy with some true history that was nicely weaved into the story making that story all that much deeper as it portrays just that more depth in the characters and showcases Jenny Brown’s wonderful storytelling making this that more of an joy of a book to read.

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