Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt

Scandalous DesiresScandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt
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Elizabeth Hoyt books are my version of potato chips, I can't get or have enough of them! Hoyt lives up to her great storytelling and the hype with Scandalous Desires.

When we're first introduced to Silence Hollingbrook and "Charming" Mickey O'Connor in the first of the Maiden Lane series, you know there's going to be sparks flying and do they ever between these two.

Mickey is no exception of the great heroes Hoyt has peened down before, he shows that monsters are not born, but are made, and it doesn't mean their not without a heart. Mickey is frozen clean through, with his charming smile to hide behind. His past has made him hard and the pain he faced as a child made him cold to emotions on the pleasure he takes from stealing, causing hell and the woman(or women) that warm his bed. Mickey goes through some major changes that start off very small at first, but the steps lead to uncover the heart he thought he left behind in the grave that was his childhood.
Mickey is beautiful in the way his story was told. Everything is given front and center while not taking away from the rest of the story, in other books your only given clues or glimpse into the hero's tragic past and most don't really cut it in the way they turned out. Compare to Mickey their babies to what he went through and still goes through with his enemy whose part of his past, the Vicar of Whitechapel, whose always in the shadows and out to kill Mickey the first chance he gets.
There was something sensual and deeply sexual about the way Mickey tempted Silence, but it was when he truly opened his soul to her, did he reach that other step that made him divine as a character. Seeing his hidden heart healed by the love of Silence and Mary Darling was precious, as it shows the distance he's come from the cold man to the warm blooded man who will protect and risk everything for those he loves.

As I read (devoured) Scandalous Desires , I couldn't help but compare it to another of Hoyt's books The Serpent Prince. In both books you have the outstanding hero in Mickey and Simon, but what it lacked was a strong heroine. Which I felt both Lucy and Silence were. Silence held alot of promise to be a very strong lead character and one to match wits with someone like Mickey. Sadly for me she ended up just being the path to redemption for Mickey, which I felt was a shame as she held such a bright spark when we first meet her and in the beginning of the book. I wish she carried throughout the book instead of showing up in bursts that quickly dimmed. She does have her own growth from the naive woman to a woman. Her kindness and love is what leads Mickey out of the darkness he trapped himself in.
Silence fit to much into a mold that’s been done before, but perhaps the bright light that was Mickey just couldn’t hold a place for two?

We’re given a huge clue to who the Ghost of St.Giles is and if you’ve been reading this series, you pretty much know who it is, but still comes a great surprise and anticipation to find out about his own story and his lady love.

Hoyt just keeps on writing some amazing books to the Maiden Lane series and Scandalous Desires lives up to the hype that surrounded this couple. Now I gleefuly await in next book in this series! I need my potato chip fix...

"Charming" Mickey O'Connor

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