Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll

Black Swan Rising (Black Swan Rising #1)Black Swan Rising by Lee Carroll
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As I started this book, I was at odds with a almost syrup slowness that starts to build into something that totally held my attention and made me end up loving a book I was going to dismiss and perhaps put on the DNF shelf!

With the economy at it's worse New York jeweller Garet James and her father try to hold up their art gallery by threads, when things can't get any worse, Garet comes across an old antiques shop where she's given a silver box that she's asked to open. Only it's a trick, and when she opens the box she lets loose demons on the city and given a rise to the evil John Dee whose returned with evil plans. It's up to Garet to stop him from taking over the city and learning about her past as Watchtower to protect stand guard over the human and the world of fae. A past and present that also leads to Will Hughes that may break or heal her heart....

I really loved the character Garet, she grows from someone still dealing with the past and the sudden death of her mother, to trying to along with helping her father keep afloat. She has major growth through the book, as she not only comes into her powers, but as she starts to learn about her past and those of the Watchtowers of the past.

This path to to Will, who I can't say I liked or didn't as it was very much as a secondary character and while his past intertwines deeply with Garet's past and present, you never given a true grasp of "Who" he truly was. This perhaps is leading up to the sequel.

This book took on a slow place even with action and drama going on in the first half of the book, this worked well for the book later on giving the story a sort of dreamy feel to it, much like the dark fog that covers Dee's summoned demons that start to haunt New York. The story truly starts to break out of the slow mold as Garet starts to learn about the magic and the teachers who help her. Caroll shows old magic trying to survive in the human world and how the fae live among us as everyday people or hidden away right under our feet.

The showdown between Dee and Garet is one the first scrimmage with things are left far from done, leaving Garet to take up the mantle of Watchtower and her job is only getting started as her search Will begins with a simple clue and run ins with Dee is only a matter of time.

Even with it’s slow start and a few bumps in the road, Black Swan Rising turned out to be a very enjoyable and satisfying read, far from ending up on the DNF shelf and ending up a keeper.

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