The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Night CircusThe Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
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I remember when I was a kid, my Dad took me to the Circus, a small traveling circus with a few shows and a fewer animals, a circus that was rare even then and not heard of now of days. I remember holding my Dad's hand as we walked through the huge big top tent and feeling something magical and rare falling over me.
One show that I can clearly remember even years after is of a young woman, a Aerial silk performer as she made the silk fabric dance for her with ease and grace as it wrapped itself around and around her hands and body.

Erin Morgenstern's Night Circus was much like the aerial silk performer as the story slowly and gracefully wrapped itself around me, unfolding at the same time a magical world with intertwining stories of the past, present and future. Of love, hate, hope, pain all bringing together a story that is unforgettable.

The circus arrives without warning.

Nothing has drawn me more into a book then that small little sentence. After that, Morgenstern’s story took a life on it’s own with me along for the ride. As we meet young Celia and Marco two children who are groomed at a young age to take up a challenge as they only learn about and don’t know all the rules to as they become adults. This rivalry takes center stage in the circus, the Le Cirque des Reves with it’s black and white tents. Their lives become more entwined with one another as their rivalry become something even greater- love. But with their love, the foundation, the web and the people whom are part of the circus are all effected by the decisions they make, no more so then the Circus- the beautiful magical being that it has become itself.

Morgenstern’s gives the reader a beautiful puzzle piece as she writes and jumps from past to present, this never became confusing as at times it answers a question you thought about, but just adds to the ever growing world. The descriptions of things take on something greater, as you can picture it so clearly in your mind what this object would look like and how Celia or Marco would create and perform their magic is just jaw dropping you tend to re-read the passage over again in amazement and awe. Everyone and everything is so well rounded from our two stars to their mentors and those who are part or love the circus such as the red scarf wearing rêveurs who delight in the magic and dreams of the circus.

Everything is so enchanting that it’s hard to put the book down without wanting to grab it up again or sharing a passage of the book with others. Much of the book just sticks to you long after, as you become so drawn into the circus almost becoming part of it yourself. There’s some words of wisdom in the book that strike you deep in the heart and leaving you with some food for thought.

The book will have a lot of different meanings to those who read and become capture by Morgenstern’s debut book’s magic. And that’s one of the most beautiful parts I discovered about this book, that while it will mean something different to each reader, it will still bring a sense of deep joy and perhaps a children like wonder of magic and dreams back into our lives.

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