Blood Rights by Kristen Painter

Blood Rights (House of Comarré, #1)Blood Rights by Kristen Painter
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There's few books that really captured me with their world building, Kristen Painter's Blood Rights gives the reader just enough to be wanting more with new twists on the vampire lore.

Chrysabelle was born a comarré, a breed of humans to serve the noble vampires with their rich and powerful blood. With golden marks across her body, Chrysabelle is now on the run wanted for murder of her patron, into the mortal world, she finds the help of a outcast vampire Malkolm whose cursed to kill those he drinks from.
But all it not as it appears, when those who are after Chrysabelle are seeking more then her death but something that may be the only think that may stop chaos and terror from being brought the mortal world.

Comarré (Comar-male) are a sort of geisha, bred to serve the noble vampires with their rich blood that gives the vampires power, while giving the Comarre longer life, and a pampered life. Unknown to the Nobles comarrés are also taught many skills from magic to some impressive fighting skills.

Chrysabelle may have been pampered, she's no hothouse flower, and while she feels like an outsider in the mortal world with her aunt Maris her only guide. Chrysabelle is a good lead. She keeps her head, thinks before she acts and is very knowledgeable about vampires and their history that gives the reader a deeper understanding of the world without info dumps or feeling the author is force feeding the reader this world. Taking place in the near(ish) future, you still have things that still attach to this time, from cellphones, cabs, and even e-readers. These things have been updated like the cabs being powered by solar power or the cellphones placed into the ear.

As Chrysabelle tries to unravel her old patron’s murder, she gains the help of an outcast vampire Malkolm, who she feels an attraction to, but both have major trust. Your given a chance to see how both learn how to trust one another before either feel anymore more then a spark. I liked this, as the story grows, their relationship does also. Trust is earned and the author did an excellent job of portraying this between Chrysabelle and Malkolm.

While Chrysebelle is calming deep water Malkolm is a blaze of fire! He was like a big gizzy bear that didn’t want to be bother by the outside world, as the curse that’s been placed on him, has voices ringing in his head 24/7 with the names of his victims inked on his skin, and to top it off? His victims he drinks can become ghosts and haunt him! Malkolm has no time or will to help Chrysebelle even when their first meeting doesn’t go all that well to begin with. Malkolm does a lot of changing through the story. While not bad, it does tend to get a little on the nerves of the reader with him flip flopping in his emotions. Mal is in a prison of the curse and his own making, so when Chrysabelle comes knocking on his prison and dragging his out of his cage, he doesn’t take it all so well. There’s still a lot of chance of growth with Mal now that he’s out of his cage.

Blood Rights did have it’s weak points, the world building and Mal and Chrysbelle were very much the stronger elements on the book, with a slow start to the book, the villain of the piece the power hungry vampire- Tatiana was just down right boring. Her view of events took away from the story instead of made it better, and while the author tried to make her sympatric, it just never came across as that, only someone you may happen to see only a reality show, who’s a bad guy while deep deep deeeeeeeeeeeep down they have good points.

The secondary characters were okay, but really didn’t add to the mix much to really make a impact on me enough to be wow by them yet.

The House of Comarre starts off strong in the trilogy with Blood Rights and let’s not forget some awesome cover art with a nice clean cliffhanger with Mal and Chrysebelle still having some obstacles to overcome and some nice warm sexual tension between the two that yet lead anywhere but hopefully soon. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series and more of this fantastic world.

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Lan said…
Wow, I loved this review. Felt like I'd read the book myself. It's not often a vampire book makes an impression but this one sounds pretty cool.

I'm having a giveaway of the book Telesa by Lani Wendt Young on my blog. Check it out at The Write Obsession
Rane Aria said…
Thank you Lan :D
I'll be sure to stop by your blog to check out your giveaway!

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