Basilisk by Rob Thurman

BasiliskBasilisk by Rob Thurman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I can always count on Rob to give me, the reader, action-packed books with lots of humor and at the heart two brothers who will move heaven and earth for each other in truly dire situations.

In Chimera we follow along from Stefan Korsak view as he finds after 10+ years his brother whose been genetically-altered to be the perfect superhuman assassin, killing with a single touch. Finally breaking free from the institute that experimented on Misha (Michael) and other children, the brothers seem to have loosen the hold the institute had.
Basilisk picks up three years later and from Misha view as those who the brothers been hiding from find them, dragging them from their hard won peace. But now the ones who were the experiments are running the show, and it's once again up to Misha and Stefan to find a way to stop them before the bring complete death to the world.

It was refreshing to have Misha view to the story this time around, from the scary kid we first met, Masha has grown to be a great young guy, whose still dealing with the world (and his hate for LOLcats) showing the emotional insecurity of dealing with his brother ,feelings and life in general. This was one of the highlights of the book for me because even if he's pretty much an genius and superhuman powerhouse, he still has doubts, which makes him all to human.
RT leads us on a merry chase through a few states as the Brothers track down the other Chimera and one scary little girl by the name of Wendy who can kill anyone with a thought. Cue the gore! The story does take a little time to get into with Misha bouncing around from one thought to another, but quickly picks up as the brother's leave the place they've called home and pick up Saul with his eye popping wardrobe. The batter between Saul and Misha has me rolling with laughter, and poor Stefan having to deal with his crazy genius brother is heartwarming cause you know he wouldn't change him. Because he's his brother.

Clues and omissions by Misha give the reader a few pauses as you wonder what he's been hiding, and Rob wraps it up nicely with alot of surprises along the way.

Entertaining and just plain fun the Chimera series is shaping up to be a great series and maybe giving the Leandros brothers a run for their money!

"It was five months later that I finally admitted defeat, finishing what I'd started more than half a year ago, and was at my laptop, hacking into Lolcats, crashing the site, and removing any mention of it from the Net. It was evil and had to go."

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