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It's pretty much in the norm to know about the on-going war between e-readers/tablets between Apple, B&N and Amazon. Now Amazon has put out their new Kindle Fire tablet along with new Kindles. While I adore and love my own Kindle, I'm kinda peeved about the new Kindles such as touchscreen. The new Kindle are much cheaper, which raises the question with me, what was the deal with the Kindle Special Offers with added ads, if the new Kindles were in the works to begin with? Having something that was going to be much cheaper without ads put out there in the very near future. Of course it's all about money and trying to keep the popularity up of said product, but in a time where we need to go green, having something cheaper may not always end up better, with ereaders perhaps ending up more in landfills like it's cousin- the cellphone. Looking at the new Kindles, while very "pretty" seem to be lacking the sharpness of the Kindle 3 now called the Kindle w/ keyboard *rolls eyes* and doesn't offer the free 3G (strike some cash off that) But in the end it's the consumer whose the winner with the new kindles out, many of the rival tablets have been dropping prices as low as $200. Nice and all as long as recycling or refurbished is offered.

Q. What book that hasn't been turned into a movie (yet) would you most like to see make it to the big screen, and who would you like cast as your favorite character?

I've never been a fan of books turned into movies, maybe because there's so many goodies that are left out from the book or to many changes. But I've been pretty impressed with the few steampunk movies that have come out and would love to see Clay & Susan Griffith's Vampire Empire on the big screen. The books are so EPIC it would be amazing to see someone try their hand at keeping to the book(s) and create that world. As to cast who would be Greyfriar my (beloved) favorite character...hmm


Unknown said…
Hi Rane! Hope you are feeling better :)
I have sort of the same feelings about the Kindles too. I just got the KSO as a gift shortly after it came out and yes, what was the point of it if these cheaper ones were coming out soon? I love it don't get me wrong and have gotten some great deals with the offers but still, I would have liked a touch screen :) I don't think I would like the $79 one, no keyboard or touch screen? Ugh, lots of scrolling lol. But the price makes it a much easier gift I guess. And right...where do all the old ones go?? Good point.
(I have been a follower) :)
Alison Can Read said…
Hopping through. Yay for Greyfriar! I just finished The Rift Walker this morning. I loved it!
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jenn said…
I'm still eReader-less, but I've recently been looking into getting one.

I've never heard of that book before, but I'm curious now!

New follower :)

jenn | my FF
Rane Aria said…
*hugs* Heya Lisa!
Yes, I'm feeling much better- thank you!

I just feel it was a waste to offer the KSO when another kindle with pretty much the same thing (or in others opinion better) would be coming out at a cheaper price.
Kindles were made with the thought of saving trees and paper with ebooks- instead of adding the trouble and becoming e-waste
Rane Aria said…
Thank you Alison!
Still need to sit down and read Riftwalker >_<;
Rane Aria said…
Thank you Jen!
ereaders are one of the best things since slice bread, I love mine.

Vampire Empire is epic and that's just the first book ;D

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