Shadow Kin (The Half-Light City, #1) by M.J. Scott

Shadow Kin (The Half-Light City, #1)Shadow Kin by M.J. Scott
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I admit, I love my Urban Fantasy gritty, fast paced, action packed, with some great paranormal elements. Shadow Kin lived up to part of my expectations in the end.

Lily has been made into the perfect assassin by a Blood Lord, a wraith whose able to slip between the shadows. Until the next job puts her face to face with a sunmage, Simon DuCaine, whose light forces her from the shadows. Simon sees something in Lily, that makes him feel she can finally stop the most powerful Blood Lord of the city. As the bond and trust slowly grow between the two, it puts them in more then harm's way.

A city spilt down the middle between light and dark not figuratively speaking. Beast Kind and Blood Lords ruling part of the city, while Mages and Fae trying to keep the dark out and protecting the innocent humans and trying to prevent humans from becoming blood-locked ( sort of a drug addict) of Blood Lords . This idea drew me in, with a city at a knife's edge of war, you have alot brewing underneath. Lily and Simon get stuck in the middle with both wanting something out of the deal, more so then Simon, who is the first to think of Lily helping beat the Blood Lord she serves. Lily wants freedom instead of being used as a tool.
Lily has been made to distrust everything and everyone, but when Simon forces his way into her life, Lily is at a lost what he really wants. Lily isn’t a fool though and knows Simon wants something from her. Simon is torn between wanting to help Lily and just wanting her.
I understood where Lily was coming from, abused and hurt, trust isn’t easy for Lily, and Simon came off as a sweetie wanting to help anyone in hurt and thinking Lily is a hurt little bird in need of love.

Then the half way mark came and everything stalled.

Simon became a asshat with his judgement of Lily, and distrust of her really got on my nerves. He had some skeletons in his closet and I would have thought this would have made him more understanding to Lily’s plight- nope. Lily stop growing and instead felt she was on repeat with her own secret and dwelling on it in a constant. state of should I or shouldn’t I. The world didn’t grow anymore after the half-way mark with the focus between these two knuckleheads, which I felt was a big lost, as I wanted more of the growth I was reading about in the first half to still be apart of in the second half. The scene stealer and one character whom really braced the change well was Simon’s brother Guy, who was funny and great and I really loved him and kinda wished beat his younger brother Simon over the head to bring back the common sense he seem to have lost.

The story surprisedly ends with a HEA, with the very cardboard villain getting his and everyone coming out of the shadows. This was sweet, but still left me waning on the overall feel of the book. The first half was amazing and while the story didn’t reach an great peak in the long run, still ended up pretty good.

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