Hard Day's Knight (Black Knight Chronicles, #1) by John G. Hartness

Hard Day's Knight (Black Knight Chronicles, #1)Hard Day's Knight by John G. Hartness
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There’s nothing better then having a great laugh and Hard’s Day Knight was packed full of humor and action with two adorable vampire leads in Jimmy Black and Greg Knightwood. Both are just your avenge vampire joes who happen to get themselves into some major trouble without trying very hard.
John Hartness created a fun world with vampires and your everyday creatures of the night just trying to make an everyday living, while trying not to get staked in the progress. Much of the world was based on the old school lore of vampires, with a few questions some have asked and never have gotten an answered to like How do vampires have sex or do vampires poop?

""Hey guys, is it true you can't, you know, get it up unless you've fed recently? I mean it makes sense, it is a blood flow thing." Cue sound effect of crickets chirping"

These burning questions are sorta answered by our vampire detective duo, which after being turned decided that the vampire life sucked, and wanted to help others. With the help of their bf priest (aka Dad) Mike- Jimmy and Greg go out to fight crime. And pretty much get their ass kick and do a little ass kicking themselves. We first meet our duo when Jimmy is tied up by a punk teen whose been cursed by a witch, sadly their new case isn’t as cut as dry when they find out there maybe a demon involved whose out to bring hell to earth..Jimmy and Greg just can’t get a break!

""For a skinny little gamer-geek he'd done a good job tying me up. I guess that's another thing we can thank the Internet for -- unlimited access to fetish porn has improved the knot-tying ability of men who can't get dates.”

Fun and past paced this book will have you laughing and enjoying the action, the story was very easy to get into with Jimmy’s voice very enjoyable with his thoughts and sense of humor. While the story was quick there was two glaring troubles in the book.

Not all perfect-grammar-wise myself there were a few typos that were pretty stand-out and a info dump of Greg and Jimmy’s past and being turned to vampires that could have been spread throughout the story then just laid out for the reader in one big chunk.

Even with the few little bumps along the way, the book turned out to just down right fun!

""...we're detective vampires. We're the good guys. Like Batman, only with dietary restrictions."

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