Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

Blood Bound (Unbound Novel)Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It feels like you’ve been waiting in line forever! There it stands before you, the craziest rollercoster ride you’ve ever seen! You quickly climb into the seat and make sure your strapped in tightly just waiting for that sudden take-off, and off you go, you can’t seem to take a breathe as your mind is twisted, screaming out your lungs, fearing for your life on the next twist or sudden sharp turn, and when you open your eyes, take a good look ahead of you, you see that your just starting!

Blood Bound pretty much felt that way for me, from start to finish, Rachel Vincent never gave the reader a chance to catch their breathe before she gave you another twist in the story that had you in a state permanent surprise. Oh, and don’t think you can just drop this book and walk away, oh no, like a rollercoster ride, your strapped in with the need to read one more page, one more page until the very end. Lack of sleep won’t be uncommon if you pick up this book and going through a range of emotions is a given.

Rachel Vincent create a world where people like Liv Warren are skilled, given gifts to track anyone around the world, to Seers who can see into the future to Binders whom can bind your tighter then any iron clad contact. Liv is pulled into a world of gang politics between worlds of those of power and those whom are skilled, that at times frustrated me but wondering how the character could wiggle themselves out of this binding or tight spot.

When our title tracker- Liv gets a call from her childhood friend, a binding made as children, Liv must answer to the call to save her friend daughter and the hitch, she must work with Cam who wants answers to why Liv left him so long ago, leaving him heartbroken. Things get even more troublesome when Liv runs into two of the biggest crime lords that rule the city...

Liv shares the stage with Cam but as the points of views switch between the two, your never left feeling disoriented or confused. Each are given great voices and many secrets that are slowly revealed throughout the story. Now don’t think each have a heart of gold, no, their very human with very human flaws, but you never hate them, but hate what happen to them and how things could have been different, but as events are shown, your thinking changes, perhaps events are playing out for a whole bigger reason.
Even character is given a lot of background and ever monster maybe lurking under a human shell.

Your left with a cliffhanger, a choice to be made and what would that choice be or lead to? The twisted ride that is Blood Bound is stunning and I can’t wait to continue of this crazy rollercoster ride!


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