Anna Dressed in Blood by by Kendare Blake

Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna Dressed in Blood, #1)Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
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Ghosts scare the crap outta me.

But like a moth attracted to a bright bug zapper, I’ve always loved reading ghost stories or watching those scary ghost movies. So going to sleep with half the lights on in the house making it feel like mid-day instead of midnight is a given for me, but I just can’t pass up a good ghost story.

Anna Dressed in Blood scared the crap outta me, gave me nightmares and I loved every bit of it.
The book had the perfect pitch in scariness,characters and pacing. The author weaved it all together perfectly to make it hard to put it down,. Plus making it not feel like a YA book was another plus.

Cas Lowood at a young age took the mantle his father left behind hunting ghosts. With the death of his father by a ghost, Cas has made it his mission to kill what needed to stay in the ground, with his white witch mother, he travels around seeking ghosts, and perhaps one day kill the ghost that killed his father. In his latest mission puts him up against a spirit of a young girl who was killed in 1958, many call Anna Dressed in Blood. Cas is surprised not to find a normal ghost, but a young girl trapped and bound by a long ago curse with powers he’s never seen before something inside of him that draws him closer to her- even more so when she spared his life...

I’ve really come to enjoy and even seek out male POV books, I feel it gives the author and the reader a different, and perhaps another outlook- plus it’s plain fun.. Cas is not not only a wonderful character, but his voice and thoughts drew me in.While he had a lot riding on his shoulders, still ended up being and acting like a teen, sullen, a little emo, angst and could be a asshat. These flaws made him even more understandable and relatable to the reader instead of being all perfect hair, perfect skin, badass, he was very much at the core a human being and a teen just growing up in something no one could imagine.

When Cas receives word about Anna, something makes him feel drawn to her right from the start even when getting hit over the head by a 2x4 by a jealous football player in the house Anna hunts and half out of it, when Cas first sees Anna with her bloody dress, - his “Death Goddness” he's even made more curious about her when instead of ripping his guts out, attacks the dumb football who attacked him and spares Cas’s life in the process. Cas returns time and again to Anna, seeking to know more about her. Anna is shown not to be the scary ghost but a young girl stuck, cursed and no way out.

The story progresses in a time of mist, where your expect something to jump out at you any second. The author breathes life into every bit of the story as Cas grows from being the loner to having something he has always wanted, but never dreamed he could- friends from Thomas the outsider who has a few tricks a gifts up his sleeve to Camel the “it” girl at school who has a lot of heart and place to stay and love from someone other then his mother. There’s a lot of nice twists,the pace does somewhat faultier toward the end with a almost power healing, quick fix for Anna to a dump of romance that felt a little out of place. Of course there were a few unanswered questions and left for the sequel to pick up.

ADIB never read like a YA, while I’ve read my share of YA books, you tend to feel where the focus age group lays, not so in ADIB with an all around older age group to enjoy. As there is some gut-tearing, bloody moments no suitable for the younger minds whom scare easy *coughs*

It was an absolutely enjoyable read that will make you scared but in a good way of course! Be sure to keep a nightlight close by though, just in case ;)

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Thank you! Anna was pretty creepy, but the offset of the story and characters was nicely played

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