Working Stiff by by Rachel Caine

Working Stiff (Revivalist #1)Working Stiff by Rachel Caine
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There's something about an underdog that gets people rooting for them, those team or person whom you cheer for to beat the odds and win the gold or have their Happy Ever After with sparkles and fireworks and for me Bryn Davis fit that bill.

Bryn won me over quickly with her everyday working girl,normal person just trying to do her job and the normal family drama we all deal with. Bryn could have been any one of us and for me that was very appealing and made me connect on a early on with her as a character. Bryn's first work day though is one for the books!

Trying to gain her feet after working on the battlefield, Bryn feels comfort working as funeral director and things seem to be really looking up for her, until she stumbles upon her boss's drug deal, and not any drug, one that revivals the death, a walking talking, thinking zombie. Knowing to much Bryn is killed in cold blood...only to be brought back as a zombie or working stiff herself. Now living day to day with this hanging over her head, a drug that keeps her alive, Bryn is hired to find the provider of this so call drug before time is up for her.

I found myself comparing this to the early 90's movie "Death Becomes Her" with a potion keeping the person young, but if one doesn't take care of themselves...well it wasn't pretty. For Working Stiff, there's nothing darkly humorous about the whole process of being turned. The whole thing pretty much...bites. Your forced to rely on this drug, miss it one day you start to decompose, and even if you start you don't die and scares you when like Bryn your forced to see the full effects of this drug on others. The serious matter of what would you do to live forever and the price your willing to pay is the question that runs through your head but Caine keeps you on your toes with the building story and Bryn and although it got off to a very slow start it soon picks up. She doesn't scare you only gives you just enough of a taste to know what's at stake, but doesn't rely on it to keep the reader into the story.

Bryn proves time and again that she goes on her smarts then her fists or her healing ability to make it out of some tricky spots and makes the best of the situation that you can only applaud and root for her. Along with her lovable bulldog Mr.French whom you MUST LOVE!

Caine also throws in the story a touch of humor and lightness to not drag you down along with two wonderful men into Bryn's life. No love triangle here, one becomes the trusted and caring friend whom has Bryn's back and Patrick...Patrick was a puzzle in his self. You wonder about him, but for sure you know his feelings for Bryn grow into something more and deep. I find this relationship very fulling because it builds through-out and most likely will keep building through the series.

This was my first read by Caine and I can understand why so many love and adore this series and this series has gone off to a great start I'm eagerly looking forward to more of this series and into Caine's backlist of books.

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