Lightning that Lingers by Sharon Curtis

Lightning that LingersLightning that Lingers by Sharon Curtis
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Lightning that Lingers has given a second chance at life with it's recent turn into the digital format. Giving readers a chance to rediscover this sweetly and almost magical romance of second chances.

Jennifer Hamilton is a shy librarian, who enjoys her job, but shies away from all men who tend to dismiss her and her lack of looks. Jennifer though is happy with her quiet life until one night her co-workers take her to the local strip club and she meets one of the most beautiful men she’s ever laid eyes on. She doesn’t think that her shy and innocence would reach a man like the dancer on stage until her life is turned up side down when they meet again.
Philip Brooks is a man whose love for passion, and wildlife and his old family home holds very dear to his heart, but sadly that adds up to bills he can’t pay. In order to survive and take care of the animals in his care, Philip dances on stage, and one night a shy woman with huge brown eyes captures not only his attention but the yearning for something more that he’s long deny himself- love.

Lightning that Lingers is a great example of the shift-change in romance at the time. You have a almost reverse in roles with Jennifer the shy librarian, wallflower and Philip being the stripper and dancer on stage with his more Beta then Alpha outlook then the pure alpha male that takes the woman with force seduction on his ship and they fall madly in love with one another. While I did “grow up” on latter of the romance, I came to love more the building of a relationship seen in LTL. There was such beautiful depth in this book that really shines through the years since it’s first been published in the 80's. There are references for children of the 80's will enjoy from clothing to style that may trip those born later on off, but I enjoyed it (plus some of styles are coming back into fashion oddly enough) yet it didn’t push away the reader from the core of the story.

The romance between Jennifer and Philip is just pure sweetness. It’s not love at first sight for either of them, but you can see a great spark from the get-go. The wooing that Philip does to win Jennifer over is magical. Philip is the type of hero I adore and love with his past not being so bright and cheerful, but while it does make him leery, it doesn’t stop him from opening his heart. His love for animals and his “pet” owl and owlets just warm your heart and the patience he shows toward Jennifer is just as heartfelt.
Jennifer is a shy wallflower with a kind heart, and heals Philips old wounds, while he gives her the courage to shine herself. Jennifer I felt had a lot of normal issues faced by women even today, and the issues she faces with Philip and his stage dancing were pretty normal as well. It never leads to the big misunderstanding but more to a better, stronger bond between the two.

The level of steam surprised me, yet was done “very well” and while the story was a tad short for my taste (I would have loved it to have been longer) it was done with just the right touch to make it a wonderful romance.

I’m happy the digital ebooks are breathing life back into these old classic, and giving readers a chance to pick them up these little treasurers just waiting to be found again

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