Knight's Curse by Karen Duvall

Knight's CurseKnight's Curse by Karen Duvall
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I love it when a author puts a new spin on an old tale, more often then not it’s something that’s been done before, but there’s those hidden little gems that come up and surprise you like they did with me in Knight’s Curse by Karen Duvall.

Duvall builds a great world around Angels, Fallen and likewise, magic good and bad an a heroine Chalice whose just trying to survive and gain her freedom.
At birth Chalice is born with super senses, to the point of having to use nose plugs, ears plugs and special contacts for her eyes just to function. These gifts are not unknown to the world at a tender age and raised by monks most of her life, Chalice is kidnapped and sees the monks whom raised her killed by Gavin who works with a dark organization Vyantara, that wants to take all the magic dark or light to use for their gain. Gavin being the perfect greedy asshat takes over Chalice young life. Later Chalice is made a thief to steal all these treasures by being bounded to a Shui a gargoyle whom wasn’t a nice person before changed into a gargoyle. Unless Chalice makes it back to Shui in 72 hours, she becomes a gargoyle painfully or has Shui rip her apart.
Chalice life takes a sudden turn when she comes across a mummy’s hand and hears the voice of her mother and later is given a gift her mother left her. Others like her that are part angels, women with special gifts whom protect the world from darkness. Gavin wants to find not only Chalice’s sisters but also her father whom became a fallen angel when decided to have Chalice. More of what Chalice was raised to believe is turn again when she meets up with a fellow Vyantara thief and double agent Aydin whom teachers her not all magic is bad and while to bounded by a gargoyle, shows that all creatures are bad and many like humans are bad and good.
Chalice is up against the clock as Gavin and Vyantara start getting closer to those Chalice wants to protect and only she can save.

The author places just the right amount of everything in this book to keep the reader in the world. I zoomed through this book and didn't even realize it until I happen to see what page I was on! With wonderful characters with no one being totally bad-ass but having their weaknesses and faults. Chalice isn’t bad-ass but she can kick-ass when the time comes. Under Gavin’s thumb it’s hard pill to shallow how she has to answer to him all the time, but when you have Shui a big ass gargoyle hanging over your head ready to rip you up, well? I did feel Chalice was a tad whiny at times, I took a step back as a reader and looked at it from another view. Gavin has always made sure to keep Chalice isolated from everyone. Emotionally this might make her seem a tad off, which the author did a good job of portraying as a growth of the character story wise by emotion and spiritually. For her it was understandable why she acts the way she does and why she holds those she grows to care and love for so close like Elmo, Ruby the cursed jeweled frog with a heart of gold and will steal your heart and the size of a thimble and Aydin.

Aydin, is my perfect type of hero. Not some big ass Alpha male or kind Beta but a mix of both. Showing Chalice is a gentle way that not all things are black and white as she’s been taught. Aydin helps Chalice grow and open her eyes to the world around her. I fell hard for him. While there was a dash of romance in the book, it wasn’t anything in-depth but I hope to see grow as the series goes on.


actor/model Burak Özçivit

The world of angels and the women whom give birth to the next gen of Knights was very insterting the author leaves a lot up in the air as to why? At the same time giving the reader something to look forward to. A true UF book that has me hooked and waiting eagerly for the next in the series!

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