Dead on the Delta (Annabelle Lee #1) by Stacey Jay

The mere premise of this book drew me in, I mean cute little fairies that drink the blood and kill humans by their bites and a few people immure to this? Whoa! The story holds up in some places, excels in others and kinda loses the reader along the way, but the story, as a whole is a good start to this series. Annabelle Lee is on her way to hitting rock bottom, through meds that help her sleep to that one more drink to help her going through the day, the life as an one immure to fairy bites has placed her at crime scenes and areas that would slowly break anyone. Her life becomes more stressed when she finds the body of a young six year old, and in a small town with a few deep and dark secrets, Annabelle is stuck between a rock and a hard place and someone waiting in the deep dark fairy filled forest … Authors take a chance when they write characters from one someone who pops pills to an alcoholic, Annabelle is made a sympathetic character but comes off strong enough to get the job done while sort of fumbling along the way with very human mistakes. Your given glimpses in Annabelle’s past as she started to spiral out of control, the people she’s lost or hurt along the way like her ex-lover Hitch whom enters her life again as an FBI agent whose looking into the new case of the killing of the young girl and fairy drugs. And the people who try to anchor her from hitting rock bottom like her now detective boyfriend Cane Cooper. I never found myself not liking the character Annabelle but rooting for her to finally find the healing she needed. In a small town where everyone knows everyone and prejudices still there even with the threat of fairies, Annabelle is still holding on by a mere thread- added to what she’s discovered from a house full of Breeze (a fairy drug that causes the user to go crazy) everything is going down quicker then Annabelle can grasp at. She's is able to somehow hold it together and pulled it off with a few surprises along the way that threw me for a loop. The world of Annabelle Lee is set in a small town but the bigger effects are felt through the world when the mutation stuck and fairies came into their own blood thirsty selves by story telling of Annabelle from the immure whom makes millions in cotton as many of the fairies have taken over that part of the US to the drugs harvested by-products of fairies called Breeze. I enjoyed the world center in the small town with the feeling your given of darker secrets that may be lurking just around the corner and not knowing thy neighbor as well as you thought. The book was far from perfect though, the book while rated a 4 star, it’s a weak 4 stars for two reasons. One was the romance part. I enjoy a dash of romance by only if it flows the story along, the author I felt had a hard time balancing between the main story and Annabelle’s romances, the stories felt very separate and wobbly. Next were the main story and the breadcrumb clues. There were way to many red herrings and not enough clues, and when everything finally reveled it lacks that punch or that AHHA moment. Everything is placed quickly on the plate by the villains and some of it felt a tad overdone. For a first in the series is has it’s weakness by it’s strong points, Looking forward from more of this author and this world


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