Nearly a Lady by Alissa Johnson

There's always going to come a book that just surprise and delights you into remembering why you love to read the certain genre. Nearly a Lady reminded me so much of my love for the old Trad books, with it's deep characters and the beautiful blossoming relationship between the H/H that I don't see as much anymore without it having to deal with inst-o-lust something or another. You have two wonderful characters that slowly grow and reveal their innermost thoughts. Both were far from perfect as Gideon and Winnefred, but their were perfect in their imperfections and rocky road they travel. Much if not all the focus in center around Gideon and Winnefred (although plus in my book) giving the reader a even greater depth to their developing relationship that starts off not so swell... Gideon and his brother find out that their dear step-mama has been stealing for years from their now dead father and others, and a one Winnefred Blythe. Put in charge of setting out the wrong done to Winnefred, Gideon is surprised when he's thought to be a thief instead and taken down by a knock upside the head! Thankfully for us reader, this is the only misunderstanding we have to deal with! When Gideon comes to he finds two women Winnefred and her governess/bf surviving on their own in the great Scotland boonies for these past 12 years and on so little. Gideon has his hands full trying to set up Winnefred's home, and to top it off get her off to have her own season! Of course there's also Winnefred's say, and after all these's years, she's not buying. Winnefred has lived these past years working with her hands, and while poor, she loved her work and land, but her BF wants her to at least see the world and London and a season would be a great start. Winnefred, not one to say no to her beloved BF, agrees and goes through a stiff transformation (can't dance, tea is a chore) from country girl to young London miss. Through it all, she feels drawn to the funny and secretive Gideon whose willing to make others laugh, but has demons and nightmares hiding in his eyes. And as the day draws near for the London trip, both start to feel a deep draw to one another and it maybe Winnefred- not Gideon whom the true knight in shining armor to save not the day but Gideon heart and heals his wounds... Unlike Alissa Johnson's earlier novels with their humor and slapstick spy humor and fun ride. Nearly a lady took another vein with it's almost easy pace and feel of walking out into a new spring day, with that lingering warm feeling. The book left me feeling the same way along with the leads. Winnefred wasn't a poor-me miss nor was she tough as nails. She was stubborn and strong, but was a total push-over when it came to those she loved and trust. Always pushed aside but her never-do father, Winnefred always craved more then anything and home. Even poor herself, lost a game or two to help a young boy read and get a little money saved aside- which showed more then anything Winnefred had a huge heart, which sees beyond Gideon's charming words and disarming humor to the man whose still hurting from war. Gideon hides behind his smile, and carefree outlook, suffering from what we would call survivor's guilt, and the lost of his men and young boys of his ship he captain. He's shocked how easy Winnefred is able to see beyond that and while he tries to hide from her, he can't help but be drawn not by her beauty as she's pretty not drop dead beautiful but by her inner light. Gideon plays hops around his own emotions which were at times cute to see, while Winnefred try to buy her time knowing she just wanted Gideon to love her. Both discover and learn about one another, before even their first kiss, and while both are not so certain about being in love or what love is, we know it's only a matter a time. Though the road is rocky, as both have some demons to face down, it's not blown out into some drama, but handle with a realistic feeling of overcoming your own demons with help of course, but "you". "You" figuring out the puzzle and doing something about it, not having someone or something help you. Gideon does this (with a little push) with no big misunderstanding or blah blah that other books use for their torture heroes, which just made me love this book even more! The romance was so sweet that you wanted to just hug someone from the warm fuzzy feeling you get with Gideon and Winnefred falling in love. The book was beautiful in my eyes, with the secondary romance between Gideon's bro and Winnefred's BF Lily making it all that much sweeter, (I was surprise that romance it was wrapped up in this book- but still sweet) This book wasn't Nearly perfect- it was perfectly beautiful romance and a true joy to read


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