Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles #2) by by Kevin Hearne

Falling in love with Hounded - I couldn't wait to get my hands on the next in this series Hexed, with much of the plot and weakness smoothed out very nicely, Hexed kept everything that was great about Hounded there by grew great from it and made the series even better! After Atticus finally defeats his long time nemesis Aenghus Og, he thought he get a nice break, of course that’s so not the case for our last druid! Not only does he almost get killed by a long distance magic attack by a new coven of witches, but he has to deal with some crazy Bacchus and to top it off a fallen angel and the everyday troubles-like the cops! The story just zooms by with Atticus trying to keep the peace on his home turf, and getting pulled into things that we wish he could avoid, but with humor and some heavy back-up Atticus goes in there fighting. For someone really old, Hearne does a great job of slowly revealing Atticus’s past and more is relieved about him in Hexed. as he helped families in WWII (a fun moment when Hal - werewolf lawyer and the good witch coven gather around with popcorn to hear his war stories) Atticus is also shown not to be no where near perfect, with his prejudice against all witches, he’s seen to have more trust on the coven he makes a treaty with, and his view of black and white/ good and evil is put into shades of grey as he fights along side the coven. He’s such a guy that he can’t help but being a normal guy which makes him all that much more loveable to me from drooling over the sexy woman going by, which is very cute. One part had me cringing and laughing with some beat down sex Atticus goes through, but Hearne once again keeps to the story and doesn’t use the sex has a filler but more of a passing joke. There’s also a very serious side when he comes face to face with one of his own goddess, and keeps his head and uses his brain very well, something he’s great at when having to deal with non-magic uses on Kabbalistic priests from a group Hammers of God or the cops! Atticus is not all humor and laughs and butt-kicking, there are moments of deep emotion that tears at your heart and gives you a deeper look into the loneliness, he’s faced through the many many years. One was his talk of after-life and death with Oberon his hound, whom has come to mean much to the reader as he has to Atticus. Oberon of course, is a big part of the Iron Druid series, and going through his 60's phase as Peace Dwag with a tie-died scarf and “sticking it to the man!” and with some one liners and conversation that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter!
Oberon asked hopefully "Yeah, but not the kind your thinking about unfortunately" I said aloud
Characters that only get mentioned in Hounded get more time in Hexed, like the trickster Coyote, and Atticus nighttime laywer Leif, whom stole the show when he showed up with his ever proper English and trying to be FUCKIN’ A cool told in a flat tone and which ends up falling flat in humorous way. Leif has a bone to pick with Thor (whom everyone seems to love to hate) and leaves a opening to the next book Hammered. Granuaile, Attiucs’s new apprentice, starts showing her smarts and her backbone, standing up to Attiucs when she feels he’s in the wrong. Looking forward from more of her and the steady growth of her character. Hexed had more action that kept your page flipping, with Atticus thinking on his feet and glimpses of more of his powers as he fights the evil German witches called the Daughters of the Third House and other enemies. The action was at perfect pitch that don’t go overboard comic-book style or magical lighting or flash, but quick take-downs to getting the job done as quickly as possible. The book went quickly by with a nice wind-down at the end leaving you happy with the ending and wanting more! The series has made such a fangirl out of me, that’s fine by me. Marry Me Atticus!


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