Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles #1) by Kevin Hearne

Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles #1)Hounded by Kevin Hearne
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A few moons ago, I use to read PNR/UF books like I breathe air, and ate them like potato chips. Then the treads started up with many authors pretty much doing the same thing over and over again. Walking back to the genres has been (so far) very good with the help of many of my GR friend’s reviews; I’ve had a lot of luck with PNR and Romantic UFs, but haven’t had the true courage to try my hand at a UF until Hounded. Hounded is a book that made me remember why I loved and miss the genre so much! There was never a true dull moment in this book, and it was hard for me to walk away without wanting to read just a few more pages…! And that alone is a mark that I’m soo going to enjoy this book!

Atticus O’Sullivan is the last Druid and for the past two thousand years has been hunted by a fae god out to get a powerful sword that Atticus has kept hidden. After so much running Atticus is tried of the BS and has finally decided to make a stand, that will involved all his knowledge and magical abilities, his friends, his vampire and werewolf lawyers and a few helpful and not so helpful visits from some gods.

My impression of what Atticus would be liked was thrown out the window soon after reading the first few pages. Being around before even Jesus walked the Earth. I thought he be this stale Druid, whom be all bad moody magical power wielding dude. Oh, he one bad magical power wielding dude, but without the flash and sparkle you see now of days with other books and characters. Atticus earth magic makes him more well- earthy and that alone gives you a clue of what Atticus is about. A somewhat laid back type of guy, whom has a great sense of humor, but observant with years and years and years of knowledge and has seen things we can only read in the history books. Atticus has a great respect for everyone if you respect him in return, and a pretty normal guy when it comes to attraction when it comes to the ladies. By all accounts Atticus would be like any of one of us when walking down the street, and that gave him his great charm and made me fall hard for him. He wasn’t flashy, he didn’t just run into danger, and he took care of his close friend and hound Oberon. He won all points for me on the I-want-to-marry-you scale. There were also moments of deep feelings and emotions when Atticus remembers his past, but Atticus is more of a present man, and truly cherished those around him in the now as he did to those he’s lost.

From the get go you know the author did his homework, but instead of giving you an overdose helping of history, the author worked it very nicely into the story, making it easy to follow whose who. While the beginning was a tad slow for me, with a lot of tell and no show, it wasn’t without it’s moments of great humor and getting to know about the world.
The world was very open with a lot of gods and goddess running around, walking among humans. Along with werewolves, vampires. The author never lets you get confused, but gives you tidbits to help you along. There’s pure humor with a vampire and a werewolf being lawyers and being paid $350 an hour! And not to forgot our human characters of a very “normal” old widow who loves her whiskey and sneaks a little into church to mellow out ;D

Hounded won another brownie point with me with the lack of smut. “What!? Rane have you lost your mind, no smut!?” Yup, that’s right. No smut. Not that I don’t love me some smut. But UF authors tend to just use them as a filler, the only part was more of a booty call off screen, which I was very happy and content with. As with any book I like to read about the hero and his heroine or the woman he’ll end up with then just some random chick. Plus, again I didn’t really think he even “liked” the goddess - and that alone was a turn off for me. So it being off screen was fine and was a show that Atticus had a healthy and active sex life period. No more information need and that was alright by me! It gave the reader time to fours more on the ongoing story.

The magical aspect of the story truly fascinated me, with much of it center around the Irish gods and goddess. It wasn’t all history; much of the humor and trying to blend in, Atticus was very much up to date even more so then some others (even him being way older) Atticus did have some completion in the favorite character scale, the runner was his beloved Irish wolfhound Oberon. While he could commutate with Atticus, he was still very much a dog, with a deep love of anything meat and French poodles. He was very smart and understood much of what was going around him. Oberon was the sort of anchor that Atticus needed to stop and smell the roses once in awhile, and that’s was a true friend is all about.

The battles scenes had me reading quickly, I loved the use of Atticus magic abilities and wondering what was in store next for Atticus. And were there some great surprises that like Atticus I never saw coming.

Throughout the review I mention the humor, and this book had some golden moments of humor that had me rolling in the chair.

“Drives in the back of an ambulance are simultaneously boring and stressful. I needed a relief from both. Paramedic Man wasn’t about to talk to me anymore, so I decided to mess with him a bit. Am I above immature trickery? No. It keeps me young.
Using a bit of power recently banked in my bear charm, I bound a few of the natural threads in the elastic band of his underwear to the fine hairs in the center of his back about five inches up. The result was an instant wedgie. Those have been funny for two thousand years, but they’re even more hilarious when your victim is sanctimoniously trying to behave like he knows more then you.
I shouldn’t have done it, though, because his reaction- a girlish squeal followed by a high octave “Ahhh! What the fuck!?!?” and an abrupt attempt to stand up, cracks his head on the ceiling. …”

Two great goodies of short stories with everyday happenings with Atticus and Oberon topped off my enjoyment of this book and had me marking down on my calendar the next book in the series.

Hounded brought back the joy I felt when reading a great UF keeper of a book, and with it a new rising star of an author to be on the look-out for.

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