Hammered (Iron Druid Chronicles #3) by Kevin Hearne

First off a big thank-you to Kevin Hearne and my great GR friends whom made this book extra kick-ass and brought me back into the UF genre I walked away from years ago a genre I’ve missed reading and would have kept missing without taking a chance and picking up this series! Unlike Hounded and Hexed- Hammered gives the readers a more deeper and darker theme the books before it. Through-out your given glimpses into the long lived Atticus, this time around your given a even more better insight into his past and those he’s loved and lost before. It tears at your heart, but makes you all that more connected to Atticus. Atticus for me is the perfect balance in a character. He’s a guy’s guy, he doesn’t have all the answers and he makes some small and big mistakes along the way. He’s may have lived a long time, but in the end he’s very human in everything he feels and does, and I love him for it (AND OBERON!! I love that crazy dog!). In a world where people lie and break promises all the time, Atticus is a man of his word, and if I wanted anyone at my back and taking care of me, it be him. There’s a lot of great scenes in this book and stand out for me, and some humor that has become the trademark of the IDC still leaves it’s mark with having the reader laughing until their sides hurt! Never going to think of the song “It’s a small world” the same again! With Atticus promise to Leif and others to finally kill the douchebag Thor, Atticus is warned by none other the Jesus (over beer, fish & chips) to be sure of his actions as their very far-reaching and will be very painful to those he’s come to care for. After getting his affairs in orders in Tempe, Atticus and co. set off to destroy the thunder god. We’re given a glimpse into the lives of those whose that Thor has hurt, making you not only step back and view the actions and very some huge surprises but truly feel the pain he’s caused. Hearne I felt did an great job playing with the whole god theme, with the balance issue of hanging on to our humanity or playing as spoiled little children with god powers. Questions of what makes us truly human, to the choices we tend to make shape our lives and the effects. But what would we do, if we’re given gifts and long life and losing ourselves our lack of empathy tor not caring and doing damage on a whim. These are not only asked but shown, through Thor, Atticus and Lief. Many questions and What would you have done different stay with the readers long after. There is a slight cliffhanger after all is said and done leading to the next book (;_; gotta wait till ‘12 though!) and a great little bonus story which focus on Granuaile whose really coming into her own. This is an excellent addition (new addiction) to this amazing series ..Marry me Atticus! *holds out a big diamond ring....and sword on bended knee* “..Vampires inspire screams, not squees. Involuntary urination is common, I grant, but it properly flows from a sense of terror, not an ecstatic sense of hero worship.” “It properly flows? Are we having a pee pun party?” “If I do not aim carefully at my targets, I might cause a big splash at the stadium.” “Oh, very punny. You will show them what yellow cowards they are” I said “Right after I flush them out of the crowd” “You will rain down upon their porcelain skin a deluge of justice.” “Ugh! And I will have to wash my hands afterward.”


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