Captive Bride by Bonnie Dee

Captive BrideCaptive Bride by Bonnie Dee
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Bonnie Dee is a rising author, whose work is always new and fresh, from a different and new perspective and for me Captive Bride "captures" this perfectly. With a setting unknown and sometimes forgotten in America history and not one of the brightest spots in US history. Dee brings it to vivid color with her writing voice, with the ability not to point fingers but give it to the reader in brass facts.

The journey of Huiann who arrives in america thinking she was to be a bride, but really going to be forced into the sex trade. keeping her head, Huiann waits for the moment to run and with luck or fate ends up in the arms of Alan a shop keeper trying to live through the nightmares of war and trying to make a better place for a city with a hovering black cloud over it.

Dee does this remarkable communication between Alan and Huiann. Through drawings and a slow progress of teaching English to her, Alan and Huiann talk to one another, which gave such a great depth and intimacy the characters and the reader. It's understandable why these two wonderful characters fall in love with one another. It's their soul they fall in love with first before anything, and this just stole my heart.
Your giving a chance to see into both their heads and the outside world, which is focus on a small part of a larger picture, but this gave the chance for the characters to develop and how it effects them, from making friends to facing danger when those whom wants Huiann back come a calling.

I did think Dee ending to this book was a tad far-fetched for me, and way to tidy compare to the rest of the story, still the rest of the story was amazing and this just gave the die-hard HEA reader, their ending.

Dee just amazes me time and again and Captive Bride makes me in awe of this author's talent and makes me look forward to more of her works in the future!

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Anonymous said…
Hey Rane, I agree with you, I grew bored with the ending of Jesse's Wife. Wonderful review and I love you illustration :)
Rane Aria said…
Hello Barbara! *hugs* Thank you! Jesse's Wife just kinda went b;ah, plus it would have been nice to have two new novels in the book instead of one

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