The Restorer (The Graveyard Queen, #1) by Amanda Stevens

The Restorer (The Graveyard Queen, #1)The Restorer by Amanda Stevens
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Like the sultry afternoon, the jasmine gently floating on the breeze, the cool sweat dripping from a glass. Just when sun bids farewell and the moon says hello, between day and night- twilight- a veil is lifted, the unrest sprits rise to roam the land of the living once more…

Amanda Stevens writes poetic and downright spooky novel in The Restorer, set in the old south city in Charleston. Amelia Gray is a cemetery restorer, and can see ghosts, but unlike the ghost whisperer, Amelia has been raised by her father to never acknowledge ghosts, whom attach themselves to the living they once knew or anyone who sees them, slowly draining the life and warmth of the living person. Amelia has lived by the rules her father set and lived a quiet by lonely life, until one night, she meets up with Det. John Devlin whose haunted by his own ghosts, one of the rule her father dilled into head, never get involved with someone who is haunted. Amelia has not real choice in the matter in the beginning when a body of a young woman is found at the cemetery Amelia is restoring. Amelia is drawn deeper in the case for the clues left by the killer that only she can interpret. This brings into her world a danger she’s tried to avoid all her life, a door she may not be able to close. With many behind her, helping her, to seeking justice. There’s also another danger closer to her, and that’s Devlin, that Amelia knows she can’t let into her life, but feels their lives are tightly drawn together.

Before I picked this up, I was very happy I read reviews that said this was not a romance. I think I would have been very disappointed. Beyond that, I loved this book, even if I had to sleep with two nightlights and make sure my cat or dog was close by. I’m not ashamed to say this book scared the crap out of me! It wasn’t in your face scary, but that cool breeze that tickle the back of your neck, the feeling of being watch or feeling that shadow in the hallway moved. The story left the reader in a state of suspense, with a few close calls that spooked the reader, at the same time, giving the reader clues to lead to the killer, their reasons behind why and how their trying to lure Amelia deeper in all set in the old southern city filled with lots of history and ghosts at ever turn...

I really liked Amelia, stuck between two worlds and heaps of rules about her second sight that are to keep her safe, but keeps a thick wall between her and others. She’s smart and caring and very lonely. The reader is given a deeper insight into Amelia with the book told in her POV. At a young age, you see how Amelia’s life has been shaped by her second sight, and the hidden secrets her parents hide from her. Much of her reactions are pretty on key to anyone whose may find themselves in a dire situation. She takes a lot of clues at times a little overreaction but she takes them with a pinch of salt and adds them up to lead her to another clue.

The interactions between Devlin and Amelia could be said to be tension filled, on one side- Amelia’s. You never know what’s going through Devlin’s mind, as at times he seems so indifferent toward her. AS loves to tease the readers, with a few maybe scenes that could hint a little more on Devlin’s side. Of course, being a total fangirl I love the dark, brooding type with a torture side and Devlin fits the bill. I can understand why Amelia is so drawn to him. He just drew me in with glimpses of sides he tries to hide.
While there isn’t any real romance, Amelia thoughts revolving around Devlin all the time got old and tedious. I can understand her lusting after him, and does she lust over him, even when signs point she needs to stay far away from him when he starts draining Amelia’s own energy. I can even understand as I have my own lusty thoughts over guys. *grins* I just wants to get back on track with the story, and gathering more clues.

AS is a master on twists, and turns and many times she threw me for a loop, from school cults to even the killer while didn’t surprise me too much, their reason behind it all did leave me with my jaw dropping.

I’m not a fan of the type of genre of book, but AS made a fan outta me, leaving me looking forward from more from this series and author!

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