The Mad Baron by Summer Devon

The Mad BaronThe Mad Baron by Summer Devon
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I first read Summer Devon when she teamed up with another of my favorite author Bonnie Dee- to write some great novels. On their own, Dee's works is amazing, but I haven't had a chance to read Devon's stand-alone work until now, and she doesn't disappoint!

For "sometime" thief Florrie Cadero is out to restore/steal back her father's swords and to enjoy the thrill of climbing walls and danger, until her daring thief brings her face to face inside a prison with a madman..or is he?
Drugged and imprisoned in his own home, Baron Felston, Nathaniel, wakes to find himself awaken from a "fever" and to a lovely thief stuck in his room along with him. In order to escape both have to rely on one another and keep their heads. But once they escape both will be thrown back together in order to solve who is behind Nathaniel's imprisonment- but the memory of the night they spent together still haunts them and the desire for perhaps more then one night..

This story hooked me in from page 1. Florrie and her brother (mostly her brother) want to get their father's swords back from cheapskates buyers peers whom never paid up, and now that there father is dead, it be nice to have something from their father (Florrie's brother thinks to make some money off them) Florrie enjoys the thrill of the theft, of course when she comes across Nathaniel and his story, she sets out to help him. Nathaniel finally finds a stronger anchor with Florrie, instead of his wardens whom keep him drugged. After a night and keeping each other heads when they happen to get drugged again and get drawn into making love. Florrie decides enough is enough of being a thief, but Nathaniel is still have trouble and side effects from the drugs and needs help finding out whom is truly behind the crime, and his thoughts keep going back to Florrie.

Like Day and Night Florrie and Nathaniel are as completely opposite. Like Florrie we get a glimpse of the true Nathaniel, when we meet Nathaniel again we meet a different person with a Mr.Darcy stiffness and over politeness, making us wonder whom the true Nathaniel is. With Florrie what you see is what you get, with a few surprises. Both are refreshing in their ways. Florrie drags (in theory) the hidden Nathaniel kicking and screaming out in the light. At first you get this delightful and sometimes hair pulling awkwardness between the two. Florrie doesn't regret their night of passion (as it may have saved her from losing her grip of reality at the time) but thinks when meeting Nathaniel again it may be better to forget it.

Nathaniel is still relling from the drugs he took, and the long term side effects and craving. I like this in the book, he wasn't just cured from the drugs, it took alot of time and will-power for Nathaniel to break the power the drugs had over him, and Florrie really focus him. Florrie was raised to be respectful but be free with her emotions and this bugs her to no end how Nathaniel just holds everything in, a teaching from his asshat Uncle whose out to get Nathaniel out of the way.

The growth of the characters is the real joy of the book, both have their issues but work it out in some surprising and different ways. And the scenes between the two are smokin' hot (and little bondage anyone?) while building trust on both fronts and opening up their hearts to more then just sex.
The major growth happens with Nathaniel who really finally let go of his ice front and Florrie was just the gal to help him!

The ending and the sudden "trouble" did put a damper on the book for me, but it still was enjoyable keeper of a gem- making me a fan of Devon's work and looking forward to more from this talented author!

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