The Last Goodbye by Sarah Mayberry

The Last GoodbyeThe Last Goodbye by Sarah Mayberry
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Many events affect us as we grow into adults, from the people we meet, the paths we’ve taken, and our childhood that shapes us as adults. Tyler and Ally are two people whose childhood has affected them deeply making them into the adults, shaping their outlook in the world. While both carry and drag chains and shadows from when they were children, we all have to come face to face with our demons and finally lay our pains, and fears to rest.

For Tyler Adamson, becoming a successful craftsman, creating arts of work out of wood that will last years, his past has pushed him to do better. His demons finally catch up with him, when a feisty Ally Bishop shows up at his shop’s doorstep, saying his father is very ill. Tyler has no love lost for his father, but something deep inside of him brings him back to finally release the demons that have haunted him all his life with the help of Ally the his own inner strength.
Ally is a true gypsy, never setting down, never getting close to anyone. Ally lives as a house setter and writing for the newspaper. When finds an old man next door collapsed, Ally is thrown into Tyler and his Father’s lives and past. While her views change, and as she start to help Tyler with his father, her own demons rear their own ugly heads. Even as she starts to lose her heart to Tyler, she knows she’s finally against the wall in order to run away or finally fight her demons and make her stand and maybe finally stay…

I can honestly say that when it comes to Sarah Mayberry, she is my favorite contemporary author. She knows just how to pull my heartstrings and have me reaching for the tissues. Her stories are an escape, but are genuine. With people and situations that you may know it real life that just gets me on a different level that other contemporary authors have yet to reach me. The Last Goodbye is another gem with two people whose childhood really molded them.

Tyler comes from an abusive childhood, his father was a bully that put a deep fear and mistrust in Tyler. Instead of breaking him Tyler rose beyond that and pushed himself to be better then his father. He proves this when he finally comes home to help his father whose living his last days. The crap his father put Tyler and his brother through, I wasn’t surprised that Tyler didn’t do his first thought and tell Ally to shove off, he’s not coming back to help his father. Instead Tyler has something his father couldn’t beat or rob him of- true compassion. Tyler may have trouble showing his emotions to others, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel deeply. Tyler after years takes a deep breath and takes the plunge in going back to a home haunted by pain and sadness. I loved Tyler all around, from the tips to his toes and back and mostly that huge heart that not only showed compassion but understanding and belief for Ally.

Ally is a true gypsy, never setting down, putting down roots. Making a living as a house sitter and newspaper advice columnist. When Ally is thrown into the lives of Tyler and his father, she feels she’s over-stepped her borders at first- being to-goody two shoes. Until more is reveled making a lot of assumptions she first made go upside down. Ally though sees beyond very quickly to the heart of the matter, and she’s thrown for a loop when she’s forced to take a step back her self and examine her own life. Ally was a heroine, offering support and silence understanding to Tyler. Scared of the past, Ally runs when things he hot between her and Tyler. Because of her childhood, many things start to make sense as to why Ally does the things she does. From her house sitting job, saying to all how she loves it, but hides, hoards and loves Home and Garden magazines. There’s many contradictions to Ally from her lack of success in her relationships that always go back to how she was raised and grew. Ally was just as real and just in need of that bit of understanding to be able to finally face her demons and take a chance to have a home.

Tyler and Ally are that voice of reason in one another’s head and that shoulder to cry on. They nurture and support one another, giving second chance and reason to finally let the past go and enjoy the present and look toward the future.

SM gives the reader a true HEA, does Tyler’s father finally fess up to the abusive? Does everyone have a huge family reunion at his bed side with the demons finally slay? No.
Life sadly doesn’t work that way, but SM shows something more. The power of oneself, the deep belief in you. Tyler doesn’t need his father to finally find that inner peace he’s always long and looked for, his brother still have lot of problems, but it’s a slow process, a one step at a time. Ally still has a few demons, but has finally stop running. The epilogue is perfect with finally the trust and love that Ally and Tyler strived for all they’re lives are found with one another and inside themselves- finally slaying their childhood dragons - together.

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