Unveiled by Courtmey Milan

UnveiledUnveiled by Courtney Milan
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When I sit down with a Courtney Milan book it’s like I’m in for a seven-course meal, with a deep romance, drama, humor, angst, an excellent plot and two amazing leads. Milan expands and weaves her novel to just pull the reader deeply into the story and lives of her characters that leaves you wanting to reach the end and at the same time never wanting it to end.

Ash Turner has long overdue payback on his mind, and with his plan brought into motion, he’s out to finally take claim after the suffering he and is family have gone through by the hands of the Duke of Parford, a long relation cousin. Ash proves to the courts the Duke is an bigamist, whom marry in haste his mistress and never had the marriage annulled. Now his children of he had from his second “marriage” are consisted illegitimate and are unable to inherit, but that leaves Ash the new heir to become to next Duke of Parford.

Of course the Duke’s illegitimate children are going to take this laying down. After losing everything from their titles to their so called “friends” their out to prove Ash is unfit to take over the title of Duke. As the two sons of the Duke ready themselves for the upcoming battle in Parliament to have their bill overturned, their sister Margaret Dalrymple stays behind at the Parford Manor in order to nurse her sick father and play the spy to find any dirt on Ash.

From their first meeting a spark goes off between the two, with Ash determined to win Margaret for himself and Margaret trying to hold on to the hate she has for the man whom ruined her and her family’s lives, as both begin to know one another secrets that could harm either of them, only bind them closer together as they both reach a conclusion either of them expected to face.

My first impression of this book went quickly out the window by just the first few pages. Many of my impression and what I thought this book would be about quickly follow suit out the window. As I was pulled into this book. Instead of having to deal with a man whom would ruin lives of others to get his way,bent on payback at any cost, we’re are given an amazing character of Ash whom is honorable, funny, and determined to help and care for his remaining family who holds a few harsh and sad secrets close to his heart, but doesn’t let that stop him from making something of himself. Ash won me over by his so called ”cheerfully ruthlessness” Ash never act what you would think or come to think a hero would act like. He was always clear about what he wanted and was driven to see it through. Ash easily won and broke my heart when it’s reviled about his secret that even his own brothers didn’t know about. Ash feels a great guilt after he left his bothers Mark and Smite to make his fortune, and later his brother prove to him that their going to stand behind him through thick and thin - this is a driving force behind much of his actions and later by the instinct that drives him is also makes him see things from a different POV,

Margaret also threw out any impression I might have had of her, instead of being bitter, she was more hurt by the actions of her father and the pain is caused her beloved mother. Margaret also surprises everyone by her actions, when she learns of Ash secret, instead of selling him out, she sets out to help him even at the cost of trying to win the bill. Margaret in many ways wants to play fair and prove she and her brothers can regain what they lost. Margaret believes in honor even more so then her so-called family. Sometimes I wanted to shake her to open her eyes but in the end she loved her family and that made her a stronger character in my eyes, even when things turn against her, she fights the tide to do what she feels in her heart is the right thing and be with Ash.

The dramatic between Margaret and Ash were always at a sort of balance with their odds always coming out even. Their relationship was so time and true with nothing being assumed. Margaret and Ash’s grow and become the strength both later rely on to pull them through the trouble times they must face.

The beauty of the story is CM never once went back to some time and true plot seen time and again in other books, she always held this reader spellbound with her twists and surprises that made this book truly magical and original.

Courtney Milan did it again with her amazing writing ability and Unveiled just made me a happy romance reader, through and through. I look eagerly forward to Ash’s brothers’ stories with Mark believing greatly in chastity and Smite being a genius in his own right. Unveiled is beautiful romance that everyone should pick up and lose themselves in.

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