Remix by Lexi Revellian

RemixRemix by Lexi Revellian
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ahh, such a refreshing read! It was brezzey and a true page turner with the reader guessing whodunit, and for the asking price of .99 it was money well spent and more!

Caz Tallis runs her own shop restoring old rocking horses, her life is pretty normal, working and hanging out with her BF, until one morning she stumbles onto a man and his shaggy dog sleeping on her lounge outside. Thinking he’s just a poor soul passing through she doesn’t give him much thought, until he reappears again on her doorstep, and she figures out he’s not just anyone, but a rock star Ric Kesley whom was suppose to be dead for three years. Chaz is pulled into a unsolved murder case with Ric trying to find out whom the real killer or could it be the Ric whom Chaz is starting to fall for.

I’m not a mystery reader, Oh, I adore the classics- Sherlock, Agatha Christie and the occasion Murder, She Wrote eps. Perhaps, this is why I enjoyed this book so much. Everyone was pretty normal. No crazy ass chainsaw killers, nothing over the top. Much of the feel of the book was like anyone could be Chaz, pushed into trying to solve a case. Chaz is just a normal woman, whom uses the smarts she was given into trying to work out who may be the real killer is. She’s not superwoman and in the end doesn’t save the day with some daring move, and I felt that’s what really made this book shine. Told in Chaz POV, you get only into her head and see people from her POV, from Ric to his old bandmates and manager who at times range from nice, to down right crazed. You see the effects it has on Chaz whose thrust into the glittering world of rock bands and their troubled lives. I really loved also how the author added the art-wise side of restoring rocking chairs, this was a great touch as Cjaz moves between her work and the case...
There is a bit of romance between Chaz and Ric, whom grow from strangers to partners and then lovers. Ric at times uses his charm way to much to get his way, and Chaz and we the reader learns to trust him. There are times where I like to punch Ric for keeping his cards to close to his chest then letting Chaz in on more. I felt at first he didn’t trust her, and used her to get the information for him later he truly cared and wanted to protect her. I never really connected to Ric perhaps because he was a little to charming, and never let his feelings show only one time, and in the end your left wondering would it last between him and Chaz?
This of course lead to me go with my gut instincts on trust. Chaz was a tad to trusting in some aspects, would I had done the same thing? Maybe. Or perhaps because the clues weren’t all there, Chaz went with her gut and sometimes ended up right and ended up wrong. This was true in real life with leads that may lead you to a dead end or the right path.
The mystery did keep me guessing, until perhaps the halfway mark when I started to figure out who really dunit. Perhaps all those years of Sherlock paid off!
While this story is from the U.K some readers may have trouble with some brit slang and language. This never slowed me down as I watch tons of BBC and read a lot from the UK. But fair warning to those…

And enjoyable and breeze afternoon read, that left me happy (that I guessed right whom the killer was!!) and pleasant. I’ll be on the lookout from more from this author!

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