Prisoner Of Desire by Mary Wine

Prisoner Of DesirePrisoner Of Desire by Mary Wine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's been while since I read such a delicious adventure novel (pirates not-included) everything was top-notch from the plot to the characters even had a picky parrot named Lady Holly.

Lorena St. John and her sisters have lived under the icon thumb of their stepfather since the death of their mother, not Lorena is forced into a marriage set sailed to Bermuda with the hope her husband to be will be a better man then her stepfather, giving her a chance to be free. Sadly that mere hope is dashed when she finds herself betrothed to a cruel slave master. Lorena is faced with a bleak future, until perhaps by luck or fate is adducted Captain Warren Rawlins, whom slowly starts to change her outlook on those of the ship and the captain himself..

Captain Warren Rawlins used Lorena get get his brother out of the slave fortress where they were being kept. A merchant by trade along with his family, Warren can't stomach then uncalled for attack on his brothers. When he and his brothers make their escape he's left with Lorena on his hands, whom he finds has a back bone of true steel and a wit that matches his own, that raises his desire to have her at all costs before they reach the shores of the states, and Lorena's betrothed catches up to them...

Prisoner Of Desire has two strong-willed people in Warren and Lorena. Lorena forced by her step-father to become strong or break, and Warren by his life on the sea.
While the both start off on the wrong foot with one another, it quickly ignites to a sexual tension that is confined in a small space on the ship and on the sea. It's like a perfect setting to show the reader how both Warren and Lorena grow to fight,desire and grow to know one another. And these two really burn up the papers, not with just the sex, but with the sexual tension.
Warren battles with his honor not to touch Lorena, and Lorena tries to make sense of her emotions and her life, while worrying about her future and the family she left behind, and finally having the chance to be free..

Their interaction not only with one another but with those around them, were great and I adore Warren's brother, hoping we get to see more from them along with Lorena's sisters? And of course let's not forget about the cantankerous Lady Holly, the parrot whom didn't care at all for Warren, but adore Lorena!

Everything was very paced paced through the book, not only the dueling emotions between Warren and Lorena, but the unknown chase their under by the evil slave master whom wants Lorena back. The only bit I did have trouble was with Warren and Lorena not fessing up about how they felt about one another, but of course Warren zooms in to save Lorena when she's abducted, and of course saves herself, and they both get their HEA on the high seas!

Mary Wine won me over with her writing and Prisoner Of Desire on one the lookout for all her backlist, and hopes she writes sequels for Warren's brothers and Lorena's sisters!

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