The Pleasure Garden by Amanda McIntyre,Charlotte Featherstone,Kristi Astor

The Pleasure GardenThe Pleasure Garden by Amanda McIntyre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Long ago a May Queen fell for the seduction and love of the Green May, but she promised to the Winter King. When the King finds out about the lovers, he becomes enraged, cursing the Green Man into stone in the garden where the lovers met and embraced while the May Queen without her lover by her side kills herself in her beloved garden. Now in order to free not only himself by his beloved queen and reunite, the Green Man must use his magic on bring together three lovers to break the curse…
Spanning centuries. Three lovers find themselves in the mystical garden to be free by love and break a long ago curse..

Each story of the Pleasure Garden show off each of these great authors unique writing style. Great pacing for each of these very hot and engaging story that center around the story of the May Queen, The Green Man and the Winter King.

Sacred Vows by Amanda McIntyre (4 Stars)

Soon to take his vows to become a priest, Edmund along with his friend Gregory goes to a May Day fair and meets Cara a Gaelic woman both falling in love with one another at first sight. Each are drawn to the magical garden, they make love, but because it’s against the law at the time for those of English and Garlic to marry Edmund leaves Cara behind, only to return to more changes then he could ever expect..

Because of the laws at the time those whom were Gaelic and English could not marry, this gives the story a forbidden fruit like the May Queen and Green Man. Edmund makes a promise to return and marry Cara, only to have his friend Gregory tell him how he’ll risk not only his life and Cara but his family, because of this Edmund leaves.
Three years later Cara has suffered from that one night, and when Gregory turns up and asks for her hand in marriage, without letting her know he’s also invited Edmund.

A story of lovers torn apart due to circumstances at the time, I felt Cara was the stronger one due to what happen to her when her family finds out she spent the night with Edmund. She also hard a secret that torn at her heart that is later reveled. Edmund was a lead that had his highs and lows. I felt he didn’t get his just share for not fighting sooner to be with Cara, but then again I’m bloodthirsty at times. The evil villains get their comeuppance so all ends well.

Perfumed Pleasure by Charlotte Featherstone (4 Stars)

Before the war Joscelyn fell in love with Catherine and they shared nights of passion in the garden the only that kept him alive during the darkest moments he faced on the battlefield. Now returned from the war Josclyn’s body is covered with scars and burns. Scared to be seen even by the woman he loves, he still feels drawn to her, alive once more and is out to win her back even though she’s to marry to his slimy cousin and has no money to pay her family’s debts

I’m a die-hard Featherstone fangirl and partial to any of her works. I ate up this story as it had a lot of elements I love in romances books, lovers reunited, the tortured hero and some hot steamy scenes. Joscelyn is one of those hero that you quickly fall in love with and wouldn’t mind falling into bed with. Catherine is forced to pay for her father’s gambling debts and to marry the Fairfax heir and Joscelyn’s gross cousin whom tries to force himself time and again on Catherine. When Joscelyn and Catherine meet again, all the old emotions they had for one another blaze hotter then the July sun. But the debts and the evil cousin stand in the way of the two lovers being together.

Catherine brings the light back into Joscelyn’s life seeing behind the scars he so feared she would turn away in horror from him. At the same time what bugged me so greatly about her was how she played the martyr and more then less being sold off to that gross cousin. Thankfully Joscelyn and his Uncle had their heads on straight and were able to make sure both Joscelyn and Catherine were able to have their own happy ever after…

Rites of Passion by Kristi Astor (4 Stars)

Emmaline a ex-nurse of war and a widow losing her husband in the war, she inherits Orchard House, with an odd garden that never blooms and seems to hold a sort sprit to it. That is until the true owner shows up an ex-solider Jack whom briefly make eye contact at a May Day festival and later meet again at the Orchard House doorstep when Jack falls ill. Emmaline nurses Jack back to health while both fall under the power of the garden and second chances at love.

Emmaline and Jack both suffer from the traumas of war, with loses of those they loved once. Emmaline the death of her husband and Jack’s wounds that left him thinking he couldn’t make love to a woman again. Both get a second chance at love with the garden blooming again. But their pasts catch up with them with Emmaline feeling she’s betraying her husband memory falling in love so quickly and Jack ex-fiancĂ©e shows up to cause some havoc.

Jack and Emmaline were two wonderful characters, who have their scars but are moving on. The separation between the two felt not needed making Emmaline sound a little martyr-ish and scared to take a chance, under stable, but real love doesn’t happen everyday and thankfully she comes to her senses in time to see this.


And now there was three lovers together and the Green Man was finally free to be with this beloved May Queen. Three delicious tales wrapped up in one hot wrapping! Thank you netGalley!

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