Of Dukes and Deceptions by Wendy Soliman

Of Dukes and DeceptionsOf Dukes and Deceptions by Wendy Soliman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Nicholas Buchanan, the Duke of Dorchester is a man use to getting what he wants and when he wants, so when accepting a invitation to visit a horse stud farm in the country to get away from the city life, he meets up with a local "poor relation" of the family he's visting Alicia Woodley. We makes a bet with his henchman that he'll be bedding her before his stay is over, of course he didn't reckon that Alicia would turn all his plans on their head!

This book started off on the right foot, Soliman writing pose just fits the bill for the period. The as I slower got more into the book, my enjoyment just diminished. Nick was a total ass, snob and spoiled little brat- instead of being a man. There was no redeeming feature in him, perhaps toward the end, but by then it was the end and you never got the feeling he cared more then lust or even loved Alicia. Alicia started off a good character, but feel more in lust with Nick. The sex games they played was just that sex games with Nick planning to just have fun with her and teach her a few bedroom tricks and leave. I don't mind a couple starting off as lust, but it never grows from that, or never "feels" that it grows from that. To the point I just started
Added to this crazy family with their schemes was really out there it was laughable. In the end I just happy I reached the end before I found a way to reach into the book and smack Nick upside the head!

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