Mr. Bishop and the Actress by Janet Mullany

Mr. Bishop and the ActressMr. Bishop and the Actress by Janet Mullany
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After a few "meh" HR I've read of late, was looking for something light and fun. I found it with Mr.Bishop and the Actress, a de-lightful regency romp from start to finish.

Mr. Harry Bishop is put in charge to take care of his employee's nephew whom is debt up to his eyeballs and comes upon his employee's nephew Charlie Fordham at the home his mistress a Mrs. Sophie Wallace where the creditors have descended to take everything expect a huge bed, Sophie claims is her and seems to be her pride and joy.
Of course being a gentleman, Harry offers Sophie a place to stay for the night, and his family's hotel/inn is close by, sparks fly between the two, but something Harry says to Sophie stick in her mind- getting a better job, maybe would be better for her. Of course when Sophie is hired neither expect to see one another again, as Sophie's new job is a governess to Harry's employer's ward!

The story is very fast paced, and while I was a little worried with the book being told in first person, you don't just get one pov, but both Harry and Sophie's. This didn't confuse me, but was neat as you get different views of the same situation, but are able to get into each of the leads heads, instead of being left out.

You get a great feel for each character from the start as Sophie ran away at a young age to elope with Capitan Wallace, something she
regrets late on. Sophie is smart and witty, and wants to change her life around, as she feels she's getting up in age as a courtesan and
wants something more out of life. She makes mistakes along the way, but has a good heart and a great head on her shoulder. Her lack of trust in men in general is called for, but when love finally grabs hold of her..she embraces it.

Harry was not only a gentleman, straight-laced, sly sense of humor and great lead, what I also found interesting was Harry's mixed heritage, as he's part black and white. Something unheard of in HR books in this time era. Perhaps his family was based of Cesar Picton whom was a free man and a merchant in this time? I would have liked a little more on how this effect Harry and his family, but his family seemed well off in their Inn and his Ma and Pa loving caring parents

"You need a abacus, Pa, You keep making mistakes when you add."
"Ten fingers are good enough for me son. They were good enough for my old dad"
"He was missing a thumb."
"True, True""

and the story focus more on the growing romances between Sophie and Harry.

Harry assumes Sophie will be an aged courtesan, but is always surprised by not only her looks, but her wit. Even when they impulsively end up in bed together (for one night!) it's cute to see how both kinda beat around the bush about that night even when they meet up again. (Harry took it a little more poetic, then the more experienced Sophie which was funny and cute)
Harry feels that he has to get Sophie out of the house before his employee's home before Sophie's identity is know, but somehow things get in the way that Harry just can't bring himself to rat out Sophie and the same with Sophie with their attraction always getting the better of them. As the story progress, you see how much duty and family mean to Harry, and what a sweetie he is...and how some of the sly banter between him and Sophie will make the reader laughing till their sides hurt, I know mine did!

“You have a cold. Colds sometimes make people snore.”

“I do not snore. No one has ever complained of it before.” I drag the bedclothes over myself and turn my back on him. As I do so I become aware of an impediment of a somewhat personal nature protruding into my side of the bed. “Oh, and Harry?”


“This bed is narrow enough. We cannot afford that sort of thing to take up valuable space.”

“I beg your pardon, ma’am.”

“It is unnatural. I am an invalid.” And having had the last word, I wipe my nose on the sheet and compose myself to sleep.

I did feel that the whole rushed misunderstandings would have been better left, but still such a fun read, my first Janet Mullany read, but not my last!

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