All Through the Night by Connie Brockway

All Through the NightAll Through the Night by Connie Brockway
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Get ready for the best cat and mouse game, from glittering homes of the ton to the dark rooftops of London.

Colonel Jack Seward is the best spy, from a child taken from the workhouse, made by luck, chance and hard work, he’s the best. Now he’s out to capture the infamous thief Wrexhall's Wraith, whose been stealing from the upper crust of the ton. And when they meet face to face, he finds the Wraith is a woman whom inflames his passion he’s kept hidden deep within himself, and with a hot kiss and a kick to his nether regions- The Wraith gets away, and with his pride wounded, Jack vows to find the wraith at any cost.

The Wraith is actually Anne Wilder, a lower aristocrat by her once marriage, now widowed. Anne is haunted by the death of her husband and the men whom under his Naval ship command died or were mortally hurt. Under the disguise of a lowly, mousey, widow, helping to introduce her selfish niece into society Anne flies through the rooftops to get a little revenged to those in the upper ton whom pledge to help her home for wounded soldiers, but never come through, and to lose herself from the thoughts and feelings that haunt her.
Now with Jack on her trail, the kiss they share and the passion they felt, the game is on, but what is the stakes? Their hearts or love?

CB stories always have some of the most complex characters, but ATTN, was more on the darker side with the sensual spell woven around Jack and Anne their first meeting. Jack is one of the most tortured characters I’ve come across, at an very early age forced into a workhouse and later made into the perfect spy/killer/weapon. Jack has had to suppress everything in order to get the job done, along the way you see the toll and the lengths he’s gone to get the job done, showing a deep emotional and human side even his training can’t hide. Between the Wraith and Anne, he feels drawn to both women deeply as they bring emotions he’s never felt before up-front. He goes through a range of emotions, trials as he tracks down the Wraith, while having a back and forth of wanting and not wanting Anne.

Anne married liking her husband and thinking love would grow, instead she’s smothered by her husband, that in the end, he runs off to the Navy and dies along with his some of his men. In order to help with her guilt she sets out to help other wounded soldiers. Anne has had her light dimmed by her husband and her guilt she didn’t/couldn’t love him the way he wanted her to. Meeting Jack gives her the ability to open up and burn bright again, something her husband didn’t or wouldn’t. With the one kiss Anne craves more, tapping into a passion Anne is envies and something she wants or had and once again. As the Wraith she taunts him, to tap into his emotions, while taunting herself with the passion she wishes she could have, but if you play with fire, you’ll get burn, and Anne gets burned. With Jack she’s finally feels a freedom and understandability that no one has given her.

Some of the best scenes and tension was always been Jack and Anne, at times brings tears to my eyes, and how much Jack and Anne discover one another, and fall in love. Like two souls destined to meet and heal the wounds life and other given them. The surrounding mystery interlaced so well with the plot, it keeps you guessing till the end. There were a a few loose ends in characters that left CD a chance to pick up later on(?) The HEA and ending was very fitting in IMHO, like the fog rolling in and disappears with the wind and sun.

I adored and loved this book, and CB just proved to me what an amazing author she truly is.

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