When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James

When Beauty Tamed the BeastWhen Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James
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Once upon a time..(looks at calendar) not to long ago. A reviewer named Rane picked up the second in a fairy tale series. Rane enjoyed the first book in the series, and looked forward to next, and thankfully wasn't disappointed or shed tears in her little reviewer corner....or write her displeasure in this review (saved her keyboard from the heartache of pounding keys!) And with joy Rane was able to bestow more stars along with others on this great little tale.

Rane, a true lover of the story of the Beauty and the Beast, and looked forward with glee at what this author had in store. The Beauty named Linnet was sassy and smart, with her beauty more of a curse then a blessing, and when gossip cast her and her family in dreadful shadow of doubt all that's left is for her to marry and quick, and perhaps fake having a prince's baby along the way for good measure! Of course this doesn't fool the foul-mouth smart-a....um..hm..ah...butt-head! Of a Beast, who may not be a beast on the outside but is for one on the inside. Piers, the Earl of Marchant half beast/ half doctor with shades of another sarcastic doctor by the name of House, prove to be as smart about all those illnesses of the body as he had a gift of a sharp tongue. With scars and trouble with this leg after a dark accident that befell him, Piers is perfectly beastly to all those (expect his Mama, for I think she beat his as - butt!) The Beauty and the Beast clash like titans of old but not with super powers or swords, no sir!

With Banter and romance, and roses and crashing sea, with steamy passion and..!


Why are you looking at me so?

To much purple prose? Ah, yes so....back to the topic at hand!

Rane enjoyed the duo banter much greatly, with the Beast seeing behind the Beauty and the Beauty getting the Beast out of his shell. This worked out splendid indeed, but Rane wished with all her reviewer heart for more behind the banter, and while the past came in bits and pieces, substance is what Rane craved more. And like an unexpected shower, more was given and given and given and given. "WHOA!" Said Rane, "while this was nice and all" she said "I feel quiet bloated with so much given, and so few pages left!" The Beast does put his foot in his mouth and the poor Beauty suffer so, and while many hearts were finally open, this happen very quickly. For Beauty finally was accepted as herself and not hiding behind her crutch of beauty and Beast finally stop being an as-butthead! Which was all good and all, but forced Rane the reviewer to kick off a star from her review. Sad..

But not is all lost! For Rane did enjoy herself greatly, with two wonderful characters, and a fairy tale ending, Rane was happy , and as she wrote yet another funny review she proclaimed again "this was another great book indeed!" and that was all and away she went on another book journey! So long!

The End ..Until the next review!

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