The Princess in His Bed by Lila DiPasqua

The Princess in His Bed The Princess in His Bed by Lila DiPasqua
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once upon a time…hmmm about a few days ago, Rane the reviewer beat back her reader’s boredon with a big helping of Lila DiPasque’s Awaken by a Kiss, now Rane loved the short stories so much, she quickly ran out ..well not really ran, more of rushed to the kindle store, and that wasn’t a lot of work let me tell you! But back to the topic at hand! She quickly picked up the second in this fiery fairy tales, and while she enjoyed each story..there were so weaknesses she couldn’t move on from….

The Marquis’ New Clothes- 4 Stars

Aimee de Miran has had some pretty bad luck on her life, falling in love with a rake whom later is killed in a duel over a lover spat, and her recent trouble, her cousin has gone and stole a ring from her recent lover after they parted ways, and lost it in the pocket of none other then the biggest rake of them all Adam de Vey, Marquis de Nattes! Now it’s up to Aimee to get the ring back, before her cousin gets into trouble, but she didn’t count of Adam and his clothes being so much trouble- to her heart!

This had a silly and cute premise but it worked Amiee cursed by falling in love with a rake the first time, doesn’t want to have anything to do with another life, like her dead husband, and her dead husband’s rake friend Adam de Vey, but in order to get the stole ring back Amiee must play up to Adam and the attraction he’s had for her for years. Not to mention his mega love for clothes of all shapes and colors and her cousin not remembering the pocket the ring fell in! Adam has always felt a strong emotion and attraction to Amiee since he first met her, cursing her late husband and his ways and the way he treated Amiee, he has always wanted a chance to somehow prove himself to her, and when suddenly she seems to want to be in his company he can’t believe his good fortune and sets out to win her heart, and uncover why she’s so always peeking into his closet at his jackets…

A little “to” cute at times and Steamy! Amiee and Adam fall for each other, and as they get to really know one another the attraction between them blossoms into love, and when it could have lead to a huge misunderstanding, the author saves the story with a dose of understanding!

The Lovely Duckling- 5 stars

Scarred as a child in a fire, Emilie de Sarron was laughed out of society with their cruel taunts over her scars, now back after so many years, she’s ready to taste passion at least once in a masquerade party, standing in her way is her friend and the only man she’s shared her thoughts with through letters , and whom happens to be one of the people whom caused her to flee society in the first place Joseph d’Alumbert.
Joseph taking the name of his twin Vincent to hide himself from Emilie through their correspond to each other, feels a great shame the way he acted toward her all those years, but doesn’t have the courage to face her as himself, but with her plan to take a lover, Joseph sees he wants Emilie for himself starting to show her she truly is beautiful!

This is my favorite of the bunch, as I’ve always held a special place in my heart for the ugly duckling story. Emilie is beautiful on the inside as she in on the outside, and it takes Joseph whom was apart of the taunts to show her this. Joseph has to really shallow a big lump of crow for the way he acted all those years, and even if it started off as guilt, it quickly turns into more for him. Joseph watches Emilie blossom from the shy girl whom hides behind layers of clothing to the beautiful woman she is. And when the time comes Joseph is there to stand up and protect Emilie as he should have done long ago, and confess his love. Sweet Story! *sighs *

The Princess and the Diamonds- 3 Stars

Mathias Paul Thomas de Tesson, Marquis de Montfort is hired to help stop the illegal gambling ring that took over his dear friend’s life and that caused him to lose everything including taking his own life. Not wanting to see others go down that path Mathias is out to stop those whom risk it all at the turn of the cards, until he comes face to face with a woman hiding behind that of men’s clothing and having the stakes high.
Gabrielle, a princess, is out to win and win big in order to help her brother whose lost everything. Knowing she can win, she never thought she come up against a force like Mathias and an burning attraction that may make her lose more then the promise she made to her brother, she may very well lose her heart!

The weakness link of the book, I thought Mathias was a great hero, out to stop and prevent others from making the same mistakes his friend made. The trouble I had was with Gabrielle, whom thought she was acting in the best inertest but more often then not bull-headed into something she could very well lose her head over- some TSTL moments made her unlikable, but Mathias made up for it!

For Rane the reviewer found a new author she did like thee, and always had her little reviewer eye on the next of this series, here’s hoping overheated with to much steam from these books!

The End Until Next time!

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