Notorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt

Notorious PleasuresNotorious Pleasures by Elizabeth Hoyt
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It’s always a total joy to pick up an Elizabeth Hoyt book. Her characters always draw me into their world, with their emotions and what lurks behind the mask they wear, or what makes them tick. Hoyt’s newest series started off with a bang and just keeps getting better with Notorious Pleasures

Lord Griffin Reading is know to the ton and society as a rake with a lustful appetite, some shading dealing and rumors that fly around that cause no end of a stir for him. To add fuel to the fire, its well know that his brother and he are on hardly talking terms, and Griffin could care less! He laughs at the rumors and turns his back on all those whom turn their noses up to him for telling tales or just going by rumors. Because there’s more to Griffin this some scapegrace rake mask he wears. Of course, he doesn’t let on this to any, more so then to Lady Hero, who happens to be getting married to his brother, and he can’t seem to get out of his head or keep his hands off either.
Lady Hero was born the daughter of a duke and now the sister of a duke. Knows her place in society and goes about with grace and dignity. Her upcoming marriage with help bond this fact home, but having her brother’s closest ally as his new brother-in-law. This of course go awry when Lady Hero meet Griffin, whom stirs up her emotions, like no other, and makes her like a woman then a perfect duke’s daughter.

Lady Hero and Griffin have condition themselves to be what they want the ton and others to see, but not whom they truly are. Hero wasn’t hard to like, just hard to understand her actions. For Hero she’s been told over and over to be the perfect daughter, to make her family proud by marriage and her actions. Drilled into her head, Hero is at a lost when she’s pushed out of her comfort zone by Griffin. This was a given to any of us that’s been forced to step out into the unknown, or place where we don’t feel safe. Sometimes the experience can be bad and we quickly go back into our safe zone, but sometimes in order to expanded our world and thoughts we have to take the first leap into the unknown. Hero has this inner struggle throughout the book, of what she felt was right, and what she learns is the right thing to do. She grows from her narrow cage and outlook to look into the bigger picture of the world. Not that she didn’t have her doubts and taking a few steps back, regarding her feelings to Griffin. Taking that first great leap into the unknown, Hero takes a chance on Griffin and love.

Between the two characters though, I was deeply dawn to Griffin. His life wasn’t some tragic soap opera. It was more of sink or swim, and Griffin chose to swim with some big sharks. He was a rake, and liked sex, but didn’t put much stock into anything more then a passing fancy. Until he met Hero, Griffin, chose to don the mask of the rake, and turn his nose up to those whom chose to look down upon him without proof of any wrongdoing. Griffin wasn’t a saint but he was far more innocent then he was painted to be. Griffin was passionate and use to working behind the scenes without anyone knowing. Though was tried of the society mask he won, tried of the life of shadows and secret he was forced to live due to his family’s lack of funds. With Hero he’s faced with what society thinks of him and what he’s done is in his face, not that it changes him, but he’s able to break free from the stigma that’s lurked around him like shadows. Like Hero he’s able to break free from the confines that society and himself have placed upon him.
Plus of course, every time Griffin is on the scene he burns up the pages with his earthly desires with Hero that have the reader reaching for something cool to drink!

The Maiden Lane series has revolved around a set of characters, with more being learned about them with each book but also more secrets being untold. We got to meet more of them like Hero’s older brother and younger sister whom I hope get their own books or at least get to know more about them. I was very excited to read the snippet for Silence’s and Mickey’s story, two characters who I can’t wait to read about.
This series is shaping up to be just another amazing series by Hoyt, and Notorious Pleasures was a true pleasure and joy to read

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