The Nobleman and the Spy by Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon

The Nobleman and the SpyThe Nobleman and the Spy by Bonnie Dee
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I first read the author duo of Dee and Devon with their amazing book A Gentleman and a Rouge. Much like their other work, I was captive by The Nobleman and the Spy, with it’s flowing style and characters that are attractive inside and out.

Like many of the romances, I enjoy the “romance”. Books with just sex are alright and all, but for me as a reader, I enjoy watching engaging characters fall in love with one another.
More so with the Nobleman - Karl von Binder heir to a great Count, and tried of being played as a pawn in his father’s gain to power. Now with someone out to want him dead, he puts his trust in an attractive Spy Jonathan Resse whom he doesn’t know if he can trust him not to shoot him when his back is turn or pull him in for another kiss.
Resse job is to make sure Karl stay in England is a smooth one, one where Karl doesn’t end up dead, but the attractive nobleman knows Resse from once long ago bloodbath battle, and both men never forgot the other, and the attractive and each other maybe the only thing that can count on when their both faced in a game of death.

Added to the great steam attractive between Resse and Karl, the story revolves around who wants Karl dead. Karl and Resse both once soldiers on the battlefield, met once and when they meet again, sparks fly again. Both are as different as day and night but have sides they share. Karl is fun loving, whom loves life and is tried of the darkness. On the other side Resse is quiet, reserved man, who has a hard time dealing with living out of the shadows. Being around Karl is like being around a bright light, you have a great balance between the two, as the relationship between the two grows slowly as the mystery builds.

Resse and Karl are always center stage with the story revolving around them and not the other way. The steam factor was delicious between the two, but the focus was the relationship not the sexual relationship. The change between the two was wonderful to develop and just enjoyed the story and every element and aspect that I ate up this book and quickly looked into the authors backlist.

Dee and Devon are an great team and each book they write is like a delightful and enjoyable and not to mention yummy surprise!

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