A Hearing Heart by Bonnie Dee

A Hearing HeartA Hearing Heart by Bonnie Dee
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another enjoyable read by Bonnie Dee! Her characters always get me at the heart-strings and no one more so the Jim, whose had to deal with his deafness all alone in the world, until he meets Catherine a local schoolteacher whom not only saves him from some evil local guys, but starts to teach him sign.
Jim even though he couldn't speak, your able to get into his mindset early on and understand, while he may not be able to talk or hear, it doesn't mean he's not smart, he's very smart but just needs to be shown the way (plus he rocks at anything math and that's total brownie points in my book as I suck at all that is math) I loved and adore for him, and how true he was to his heart. He was so tender with Catherine whom he knew had more to lose then him. Which on one hand I to could understand and on another didn't as I felt while Catherine was a strong lead, hid away to much for my taste, then again perhaps because I love Jim and wanted him to be happy and for Catherine to hurry up and make up her mind and stop running.
Expect for that one little niche of the story, I loved everything about A Hearing Heart and Bonnie Dee's very human characters are truly like friends and people you want to meet and love by the time you reach the last page.

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