Awakened by a Kiss by Lila DiPasqua

Awakened by a KissAwakened by a Kiss by Lila DiPasqua
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once upon a time, about a few days ago.. a poor reviewer by the name of Rane…was BORED! The horrors! The shame! For upon her mountain of TBR did she not find a single book that drew her. Book upon book did she toss aside woe is poor Rane! The poor reviewer was at wits end when she spied a book by a new author, with fairy tales retold in an erotic feel, my blushes! With the hope that perhaps a short story may cure her reader’s troubles Rane picked up the book and was quickly capture into each story, full of silliness, yumminess, sexiness and men who no doubt were part of Rane’s indecent dreams…
Each short story has women whom were so sure of themselves and men whom desired them, with a fairy tale twist each story left a smile on Rane’s face..(or it could be more indecent thoughts…)

Sleeping Beau- 4 Stars

One night while he slept Adrien Christophe d’Aspe de Bourbon, Marquis de Beaulain, was awoke by a woman whose seduction left him with her memory even after five years, until he meets her Catherine de Villecourt again. Catherine thought she seduce someone else, not the beautiful man she lost not only her virginity but herself that night so many years ago, now face to face again with him, she may lose more, she may lose her heart!
By mistake Catherine drugged Adrien in order to rid herself of her virginity before she was forced to marry another, of course in the way of fairy tales, nothing is as it seems, and Catherine and Adrien meet once again with the passion they once felt in each other going red-hot. The characters of Catherine and Adrien were enjoyable. Both embraced passion they felt for one another, and while it was a little tougher for Adrien to see the love he felt for Catherine was real, with the help of his three uncles, was able to ride to the rescue of Catherine!
Now that was all good and all, until up and to the end, where Adrien’s sister goes bat-shit crazy and goes out to poison Catherine as she’s to marry the man she loves, and Adrien is there to kiss her awake with an extra healing potion for good measure of course! And luveee!
Still I enjoyed the story, so all was not lost, and the scenes between Catherine and Adrien were yummy, why the scene against the door…*coughcough* Moving on!

Little Red Writing- 5 Stars

Anne de Vignon and her sisters have a secret, one that could land them in jail. At day they write poems and stories, but Anne with the help of her sisters, and her sponsor Comtesse de Cottineau write under another name, to help women of the higher court of men get a sort of revenge on the pains they cause, that is until the big bad wolf, le Loup-
comes a-knocking in the form of Nicolas de Savignac the comtesse grandson, and a musketeer whom happens to be on a mission to uncover the face behind the pen. But when Red tames the Wolf, there’s still trouble and secrets that must be uncovered or there will be no happy ever after for these two…
Anne and Nicolas have both had their shares of heartache and pain from those they loved and looked up to, and as Nicolas discovers more about Anne, he finds he doesn’t want to accept she could be the face behind the nasty tell-alls, and wants to protect her with all his heart. Anne hurt once by love is falling in love again, but can she trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Great balance that makes a short story great, nice development of the characters and some yummy sex scenes, and thankfully no misunderstandings to add word count of the story!

Bewitching in Boots- 4 stars

Elisabeth de Roussel has been in love with King’s private Guard of the Musketeers Tristan de Tiersonnier, Comte de Saint-Marcel for many years. And when Tristan is hurt and forced to leave the musketeers, Elisabeth comes up with a plan to get Tristan reinstated, and perhaps finally have her one night with him, with lucky and her lucky boots Elisabeth is going to need all the help she can get!

Elisabeth has had to fight a lot of backstabbing and trash talking in the royal court to not only rise up to become her father’s favorite daughter, but to protect her younger sister from harm. When she learns of Tristan’s dismissal, she sets out to win a night in his bed and finally get him out of her system, but get him back into the musketeers were he belongs. Tristan has been on the out and outs after his injury and when Elisabeth comes rolling into his home, he’s taken back on what she wants. Always thinking she was cold, he’s surprise to learn there’s more to her then meets the eye.

Fun and sexy, Elisabeth’s plans were a little out there, but let the story flow nicely in the end and for both Tristan and Elisabeth to gain their HEA after all!

Now Rane the reviewer was cured of her reader boredom and quickly picked up the second of the fairy tale series, but of course that’s for another review….

The End Until next time!

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