Wedding of the Season (Abandoned at the Altar, #1) by Laura Lee Guhrke

Wedding of the Season (Abandoned at the Altar, #1)Wedding of the Season by Laura Lee Guhrke
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Before I started to read or even picked up Wedding of the Season, I was already carrying two strikes against it. Strike One!: Since reading LLG’s And Then He Kissed Her and His Every Kiss, I haven’t felt drawn to any of her recent works, putting them aside to pick up something else. Never truly feeling the magic I felt with those two novels. Strike Two!: While I enjoy those second-chance/reunion romance stories, many of the recent works fall onto the clichĂ© BIG MISUNDERSTANDING that broke the relationship apart or having someone drive the lovers apart etc etc. This got old quickly for me that I tend to stay away from said type novels. Wedding of the Season never made it to Strike Three for me, instead hit it out of the park with such a great storyline, with understandable characters and how their able to build back their love when given a second chance.

Six Years ago William James Mallory,The Marquess of Richfield (and would later become the Duke of Sunderland) is given the chance of a lifetime to go to Egypt to study and be a archaeologist. Wanting to take his fiancée Lady Beatrix with him, is shocked when she begs him to stay instead. Beatrix wants to stay and Will wants to go, and because of their different wishes and dreams, tears them apart. Six years later Will has return to England a different man, in need of money to fund the tomb site, when he runs into a very different Beatrix whose to marry another. This reunion starts off a chain reaction of return feelings that never truly went away and a second chance at forever for Will and Trix.

The setting and time period is one of my favorites, with the world of discovery and industry blooming. With cars taking over the roads, and women starting to come out of their marriage cages. WOTS having a modem touch, but not overwhelming the reader, but giving you a chance to look into the past.

With reunion romances, you know the main characters are meant to be with one another, but having to deal with a lot of bitterness when they parted is a given and both Will and Trix have a lot to get off their chests. Six years worth! Will thinks Trix was a bird in a golden cage, forced by her father to never leave, never takes chances in life after her mother left and never returned. Trix felt Will was to selfish in his dreams to think of how it would effect her and others, and both cases they were both right and both wrong.

Will knew in his heart Trix had the passion for adventure, and always knew he had her heart and love. Will took for granted Trix thinking she just follow, giving up her dreams. Will gets a huge wake up call when he returns and sees the wrongs he has done. Although he still wishes for Trix to be his wife and come with him to Egypt, he has a lot of wooing to do and a few more adventure to take Trix on to prove to her he loves her. I really liked Will, and grew to love his character. He kept pushing Trix to go out there and live, spread her wings and fly, while taking a step back to prove to her, that their love never died, and was willing to keep on fighting to prove it. It was beautiful how he went out there and proves over and over again his love.

Trix was a little harder to like at times, but once you got to know her story, you felt for her, and saw that she had dreams and expectations of her own and she wanted Will to be apart of that with her and for her to be able to be with her father. Her father cuddled Trix, making her scared to go out there and only after her father’s death did she start to spread her wings. Trix is torn between Will and Duke of Trathen. Between living her dreams, and adventure. The greatness I felt in this book was that LLG didn’t make Trix give up on her dreams of a family and her love for her home. I felt the compromise and finding the middle ground for Will and Trix to be together and live happily ever after was the true cherry topper of this book.

This series started off wonderfully and any doubts I had when I first started reading this book vanish into a puff of smoke. I can’t wait for the next in the series with Trix awesome, fun loving but sad cousin Julian and the straight lace Duke of Trathen!

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