Lord Lightning by Jenny Brown

Lord LightningLord Lightning by Jenny Brown
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Lord Lightning by Jenny Brown became one of those rare books, that after finishing it, I quickly re-read it again, in hopes of unraveling more of the story. While not complex, the story was rich and deep with characters that slowly unravel themselves before the reader’s eyes. They have layers and masks they wear in order to hide themselves away from the hurts they suffered in the world. I became so engrossed with the story that at times it was hard to walk away without wanting to run back and read just one more page…The story greatly reminded me of the old trads romance (with a little bit steam) where everyone isn’t in shades of black and white but in grays.

Eliza Farrell is blessed and cursed with being able to read the future of someone through the stars. As an astrologer, this gift taught to her by her aunt, is her means of survival when her father shows up once again in her and takes all her money and with a flip of a card is on his way to debtor’s prison leaving Eliza once again on her own. Eliza gets a break when an actress asks for her to counsel the stars and asks which road to choose. Of course Eliza can’t tell a person what their future truly holds, only the person can truly do that, depending on the road someone takes. Eliza readers however are very much correct, which leads to her getting into some hot water, with facts the actress has hidden from everyone Eliza thinks she maybe to save herself from getting kicked out and getting her money when the actress asks about her lover and Lordship. Of course when does read the Lordships horoscope everyone finds it quiet humorous and unbelievable that the notorious Lord Lightning himself would be a caring man whom only wants love! That is until Lord Lightning shows up.
Lord Edward Hartwood overhears the laughter and dispassion in his current mistress voice as she’s read his horoscope, although not believing the little seerer’s words at all still finds displeasure in the actress actions and leaves her. Edward is out of time, in order to gain his inheritance he must spend a fortnight with his mother whom he shares no love lost with, and to put the knife to her, wants to bring his mistress, but also a shield of sorts..Still reeling over his plans being thwarted, he spies Eliza, and thinking to teach her a lesson for her trick with a little abduction, Edward is flooded with Eliza and the table are turns when he comes up with a plan to have her as his pretend mistress, of course the best laid plans of mice and men….

I was a tad mislead by the back blub of this book, with it’s feeling of a touch of paranormal romance to it. This book has no paranormal elements to it, but goes hand and hand with a study I have loved for a long time astrology! The ability to read someone through his or her horoscope and get a better insight in even yourself. Jenny Brown does not shove this down the readers throat , but has a dash here and there, when Eliza is lost, but also as a sort of preshadow of the characters behind the masks.

Edward lives up to his Lord Lightning, like an actor on the stage, this is the mask he wears, one that he’s having trouble taking off. To hide away from all the pain in his life, he’s don this carefree mask, that he feels slips when he’s around Eliza. At times Edward acted like a lonely child begging for love and attention. He’s not saint, but neither is he the devil he thinks he is. Edward acted or bluffed his way to get what he wants, which I found at times amusing knowing that not only I but Eliza saw through the playacting. When he wasn’t acting, you saw how insecure he was, how the pains of his pasts has wrapped itself around his heart in a black mist, that has not only blinded him to others, but to the brightness of love.
Edward was stuck in a limbo he thought he was happy in, but it’s through letting go was he able to finally break free from the past and some very hard wake-ups calls. I never disliked Edward, he liked Eliza intrigued me greatly, he was never a bad guy, sometimes cunning or selfish to get his way, but never evil or mean. I enjoyed his wittiness in the face of hardship, his playacting and the brightness he just seem to bring around him. I fell hard for him, and my heart went out to him.

My heart also went out to Eliza. Behind that cool mask, lived a sprit that long to be free from her cage. Eliza’s life wasn’t a bed of roses, she to had her pains that torn at her heart time and again, she to lived in a sort of fight or flight limbo, after her aunt’s death and father’s reappearance. Unlike Edward, Eliza still believed in the goodness of those around her, and of Edward. She truly believed he could be more, and when she sets on this path to help him, she knows her hearts going to take a few beatings, but thinking perhaps this is the path she was meaning to take in order to help another.
Through her quiet understanding (and a few truthful words) she helps Edward come to
grips with a few things and open his eyes. Another thing I adored about Eliza is, while she started to fall in love with Edward, she didn’t truly let that blind her to his faults and when things do get a little bad she keeps her head! It was amusing to see him try to playact to get his way and know Eliza saw right through him. She also saw the boy inside alone and scared, and she sets out to help him and Edward. With some healing that needs to be done herself. Eliza has locked herself in this cool cage, and when Edward comes into her life, he brings with him laughter and brightness, I think Eliza needed that in order for her to truly be free. Instead of dwelling on the what ifs or the maybes.

Both characters complete one another and break each other’s masks they show to the world and finally able to break free. Jenny Brown was also very clever when nothing was to be so cut and dry, from the villain Edward’s mother and her own past. I while my bloodthirsty side wanted her to pay, Jenny Brown showed another side to the story, that made one step back, and see another angle that not everyone is a devil, but a hurt person lashing out to protect themselves. This made Lord Lightning that much greater and richer in my eyes and that much more enjoyable read.

There’s no need of asking the stars how much I loved and enjoyed this beautiful book. Lord Lightning became a solid keeper. I can’t wait to read more from this new dazzling author!

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