I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell

I Dream of GeniesI Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell
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Like a roller coaster ride, I Dream of Genies by Judi Fennell was just that, a fun ride, with twists and turns, with huge dips and a fast pace that had the reader laughing through the whole bright and colorful story, with shades to another great genie- I Dream of Jennie!

Eden has been stuck in her bottle for the past thousands of years for an accident/crime against her then master. She dreams of finally being free, and once she is -she will not looking back! Until fate sets her free and as she falls right into the lap of her dream man!
Matt Ewing is having a bad day, a day month and a bad year! He’s company is suffering from the recent rescission and his only trusted worker is not getting the job done, between a rock and a hard place, Matt is shocked when a woman in a harem outfit falls right into his lap! More surprises are in store for Matt when, he brings her home, only to be told she’s a genie with a bad villain after her, what’s a knight in blue jeans suppose to do but fall in love with a genie of course!

The colorful and very funny world Judi Fennell makes in I Dream of Genies, was fun and carefree with two main characters the reader whom easily understand. Eden saw what love did to her mother and doesn’t want that, she also doesn’t want to be stuck in her bottle for the next thousand so odd years either! Eden was a great character, when a good head on her shoulder, but was leery of letting love in, knowing if she said those three little words to Matt, her powers would disappear and she would be helpless. As Matt and her grow closer, she starts to feel great comfort from Matt when times get tough (and her magic is acting up royally! Donkey appearing, dodo birds on blue picket fences..) that she’s able to lean on his shoulder. It took some time for Eden to give her heart a chance, and she wasn’t disappointed!
Matt has always felt he’s carried a load on his shoulders after the death of his Father, with his mother working to make ends meat for the family, he’s know to pick of any stray (human or animal) help and protect those in need. When he meets Eden, another independent soul like himself, he learns that taking a step back and let the other person take the lead, which effects not only his relationship and love toward Eden but effects the way he acts toward the rest of his family. Matt was such a big sweetheart, and I want to meet a guy just like him!
The great side characters from Obo the talking smart-ass cat, whom has a long past to Humphrey the super cute dragonlet whom was just cute for words sometimes!

The story was fast paced, and I quickly read through it in a few sittings (laughing until I was crying sometimes!), the story does jump somewhat as your show different view of the characters, and a few hints that not everything is as it seems. I think my biggest complaint was at times it was a little “too” fast. The building of the relationship between Eden and Matt mostly felt like lust then love (although having sex while flying through the night sky on a bed comforter..yum!) it took sometime for it to feel like they cared about one another instead of it being just about sex.

In the end I just loved this book, it became a fun keeper PNR, with a lot of great laughs with Fennell building a bright world around genies. Looking forward to more from this series and author!

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