The Heir by Grace Burrowes

The HeirThe Heir by Grace Burrowes
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When it comes to new authors that I pick up to read, I always think of their book as a dish I’ve never tasted before, and this mentality has served me well as I’m rarely disappointed and it’s always nice to have a few recommendations/reviews when trying something new. Grace Burrowes’s The Heir was a yummy debt that was light with a smokin’ hot kick that left me asking for “Seconds Please!”

Gayle Windham, Earl of Westhaven is at the end of his rope- pretty much. Not only is he having to deal with his father a Duke nosing around his fatherly nose where it doesn’t belong and not wanted in a man’s life, but trying to force the issue of an unwanted marriage on his heir. Not to mention the mess Gayle is having to fix the mismanagement by his father and the estates, and taking care of his family…. and finally when having a moments rest, he’s hit over the head by his new housekeeper! But that hit and his new housekeeper may be the answer to thoughts and dreams he didn’t even know he had or wanted!
Anna Seaton has been working for the Earl for these past months trying to make his life easier for she can clearly see the man is overworked as is! Of course she didn’t mean to hit him over the head with a poker, but it looked like he was getting “to friendly” with a maid and girl close to Anna’s heart, which wasn’t the case as he was only trying to help the girl’s as her buttons were caught in the mesh of the fire screen. Anna feels she’s headed straight to the street after she’s told this, but the Earl surprises her when he get some petty revenge as a pain in the butt patient. With her help the Earl gets some work done, but is drawn to Anna and the more they learn about each other the more they can’t stay away from one another!

The Heir is on the lighthearted romance side, with a wonderful cast of characters that give this book a fresh feel to it as the reader is drawn into the book quickly. The story had fresh new take on an old story with the lord falling in love with a servant.

Westhaven isn’t a rake, but overworked and unpaid for all the stuff he has to put up with, but I adored him through and through. He is a romantic and had a soft spot for his family even when they drove him up the wall. He was passionate about everything in life, and when he wanted something, he went for it, and he wanted Anna. Westhaven won my heart over for being the romantic and trying to woo Anna into a courtship, even through she was his housekeeper, he felt a understanding between her that he never dealt with through other women jaded from society. Westhaven shined with not only his interactions between himself and Anna, but with his brothers Val and Devlin whom were very funny when trying to get the love birds together. While a little unrealistic how where status was everything in that time and marrying a housekeeper was unheard of at all, Westhaven’s family pushed the two together, it was very sweet how much they loved him.

Anna had her own troubles she’s been running away from, and as she’s drawn closer to Westhaven the more she wants to run. Light isn’t shown on the mystery behind Anna, and this keeps the reader wondering about whom she really is and why she’s hiding. Anna at times was hard to like, as she get out of her shell then quickly retreat back. When she finally seems to break away from her cage and fly, she goes right back. When the truth is finally reveled, you would think that the love she and Westhaven share would finally get her trusting him, she sadly goes on to become a martyr heroine. Which I think was truly biggest complaint with her. She’s shown to have a huge steel backbone, and is willing to stand up to Westhaven’s pushy father and brothers to protect and help Westhaven, and the care she gives him made them a great couple, but her becoming a martyr and her issues for her lack of trust in Westhaven was weak. Plus the kinda ending that has that “been there done” feel dragged a little with Anna.

I think the real gem in this story was the courtship between Anna and Westhaven. While there is premarital sex between the two, which on the hot scale was “burning hot” Westhaven never seduces or for forces the issues, but wants Anna to accept him as he first tries to woo her, court her and in the end wants to marry her. This was in my mind very sweet and made me enjoy the story that much more even with the few bumps in the road.

The Heir was such a fun, light-hearted and spicy book, that I already have my eye on her next book starring Westhaven’s older brother Devlin - I know what I’m going to pre-order!

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